Consult this checklist before you invest in organic bedding



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If you're looking to invest in a new mattress or bedding, may we tempt you to go the organic, eco-friendly route?

Why? Not only are they friends of the environment, but organic mattresses and bedding offer chemical-free comfort, and are healthier and easier to maintain.

Here are few considerations to keep in mind when you're out shopping for these organic wonders:

  • Verify if the stuffing material is indeed organic: One serious disservice you may be doing to your health is blindly believing the labels on mattresses, according to Mary Cordaro, certified bau-biologist. There is no dearth of bedding makers that falsely label their mattresses as organic and have a negligible amount of organic stuffing in their products. And the smartest way to verify is by smelling the mattress. If  the mattress carries a strong pungent smell — that is reminiscent of chemicals — you're probably sniffing a non-organic mattress. Look for all-natural, untreated wool; organic cotton; and natural latex, derived from rubber trees, according to Apartment Therapy.

  • Verify if the wool stuffing is bona fide: Again, good-quality mattresses have wool stuffing with the most reliable and authentic standards. With quality wool stuffing, there is a much smaller risk of the mattress getting saggy. And people looking for a healthy back should use firm mattresses.

  • Verify if it is fire-retardant: Organic mattresses have a fire-retardant composition — without fire-retardant chemicals — which is another sign that they are truly organic.

  • Verify if they are easily maintainable: The best part about organic mattresses is that they are far easier than their chemical counterparts when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. Because these mattresses are made with natural ingredients, harmful bacteria and mildew have a much harder time finding their way in.

  • Verify if they are firm and comfortable: Organic bedding tends to be firm, for which we think your back will thank you. If the mattress lacks firmness, you're probably looking at non-organic products.