Cook up crepes for a sweet or savory breakfast


Crepes with berries

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Historically crepes have gotten swept to the side in favor of those hearty American breakfast standards: pancakes and waffles. But the beauty of these thin French pancakes is that they can be made either sweet or savory on a moment’s notice. Check out some of the best and worst filings for your homemade crepes.





Whether you prefer strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, you can’t go wrong with these sturdy crepe fillings. Berries are loaded with nutrients that help prevent damage to cells and have been linked to improved heart health, memory and weight control, among other benefits.



Have leftover spinach in the fridge that you need to use up? This vibrant green makes a great savory crepe, especially when sautéed with a few mushrooms and a hint of goat cheese in a swirl of olive oil. Plus, it’s positively packed with Vitamin K, which strengthens bones, and Vitamin A, which helps promote eye health.



Who says pumpkin is relegated to holiday cheesecakes and pies? The best thing about using it in crepes is the many different ways it can be incorporated, such as mixing pureed pumpkin into the batter, making a creamy pumpkin filling for a plain crepe or adding chopped pumpkin on top. So grab your baking spices and go to town on this yummy crepe filling that improves skin health, eyesight and your immune system.






We wholeheartedly agree Nutella is delicious. Yet this well-known chocolate hazelnut spread sure isn’t healthy. Two tablespoons of the stuff contains over 4 teaspoons of sugar and almost 20% of your daily fat intake. If sweet is what you crave, skip the sugary spreads and opt for a few squares of dark chocolate instead.



Somehow it’s still all the rage to put bacon on anything and everything. But trust us when we say crepes really don’t need it. These light French treats are so yummy filled with fruits or veggies that adding meat — especially one so greasy — seems overly heavy and unnecessary. Save the bacon for your homestyle American breakfast and stick to lighter fare when it comes to crepes.



We can’t even count the number of times we’ve seen a brunch menu featuring crepes stuffed with Reese’s, Snickers or other types of candy. While we like a sweet crepe flavored with honey and fruit (and maybe just a dash of chocolate sauce from time to time), we just can’t endorse using them as a vehicle for candy consumption. Grab some healthy fillings instead — your body will thank you.