Cooking at home vs. dining out: Is it worth the savings? [Infographic]


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Dining out is very important to echo boomers — those ages 18 to 35 — according to a new TurboTax infographic showing the generational and gender differences in dining out habits.

While 29% to 34% of every other generation agreed to the statement, “I dine out often, but now it is usually at a lower-priced restaurant,” a whopping 84% of 18- to 35-year-olds agreed. They were also the generation that most agreed with the statement, “I will cut spending in other places in order to still be able to dine out.”

Overall, most Americans (57%) agree that going out is now a luxury when it used to be a regular occurrence. But 39% are still frequenting fast-food restaurants as much as they used to.

And while Americans of just about all ages are cooking more often in order to save money, this is true of women more than it is men.