Cooking Planit helps plan your meal every step of the way


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One of the key ingredients to making a perfect meal is timing. Cook for too long, and your food can dry out or burn. Too little time, and you may be giving your guests undercooked meat. It’s a delicate balance and one that is not easy to master.

Enter Cooking Planit, a website that “was born out of one, casual conversation among like-minded friends, [which led to] one obvious conclusion: People need a simple technology solution that helps them prepare delicious meals on time.”

The site harnesses the power of the Internet, smartphones and tablets to help at-home chefs learn how to perfectly time their meals

Cooking Planit helps cooks through each step, prompting them to prep the salad, start the veggies and cook the chicken, so each part of the meal is ready at the same time.

And Cooking Planit knows that there are many levels of cooking mastery out there:

  • The Beginner Chef: Offers step-by-step instruction, including shopping prep and on-time meal delivery;
  • The Entertainer: Helps the host join his own party, with prep and on-time meal delivery;
  • The Gourmet: Shows how to turn inspiration into the perfect meal;
  • Busy Parent: Simplifies planning, shopping and cooking for families; and
  • Savvy: Leverages cutting-edge technology to make great meals.


In addition, the site builds grocery lists, takes ingredient preference and dietary restrictions into account, and offers a selection of pre-build meals.

Photo: Cooking Planit


I registered with the site and set out to make a pretend dinner at work. I clicked on a pre-built dish of herbed wild rice with chickpeas. It included:

  • Prep time, cook time, total time and skill level;
  • Every ingredient (with measurements) and cooking utensil I would need, with accompanying images;
  • Step-by-step instructions;
  • Beautiful layout with images;
  • A button to add the ingredients to my grocery list; and
  • The ability to choose how many servings I’d like to make.


I was also able to add and save my own custom meals, modify one of the site’s pre-existing recipes, create a grocery list, plus much more.

Cooking Planit is free to use at its website and basic app. Its premium app is $2.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad.