Cool, creative DIY ice packs that will make you say aaaaah


Woman putting ice pack on her neck

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Have a sprained ankle thanks to an unevenly paved street? Lose your footing and take a tumble down the stairs? Maybe your back hurts thanks to a pinched nerve or herniated disc. Or maybe your neck is letting you know you’ve been typing for way too long.

Whether you’re dealing with pain or swelling, try one of these cool and creative DIY ice packs, which are relatively easy to make and promise to deliver much-needed relief.


The dish soap special

Ice pack ingredients

The Krazy Coupon Lady offers this neat “recipe” for an ice pack that includes a re-sealable plastic bag, some dish washing detergent and good old fashioned water.


The handy dandy

Ice pack with sad face

The Mini-eco blog recommends using antibacterial hand gel, water and food coloring to create an ice pack that promises to bring some probably much-needed relief.  


The minimalist

Ice pack next to rubbing alcohol and water

Today’s Creative Blog keeps it simple, using only rubbing alcohol and water for an ice pack that is “slushy and flexible.” The blog recommends that you double up the bags to avoid leaking. Works for us!


The Gloopinator

Ingredients for ice pack

Sustainable Utopia recommends boiling some water and adding salt and cornstarch. Once everything is “gloopy,” let cool and pour into a re-sealable bag, and put that bag in another before popping it into the freezer.  


The clever sponge

Sponge packs

Get thee to a dollar store and get some sponges on the cheap. Soak them in some water. Pop each one in a re-sealable bag. Pop them in the freezer and voila: ice packs that won’t leak or make a mess, courtesy of The Kitchn. Bonus? Because these aren’t filled with rubbing alcohol or soap you can use these ice packs to keep your lunch cold. Huzzah!


The double agent

Cloth ice pack and heating pad

Elm Street Life puts a lot of effort into this one, which involves sewing your own ice pack covering and filling it with lentils and dried lavender. But the bonus is that it doubles as ice pack and heating pad and feels like heaven.


The ooo shiny!

Glittery ice pack

Family Fun Journal adds glitter to Karo syrup for a blinged out ice pack that’s as fun as it is functional.


The tiny but mighty

Ketchup packet as ice pack

Don’t have re-sealable bags and not willing to break out the sewing machine? No problem. The good folks at Life Hacker recommend popping a few ketchup packets into the freezer. How easy is that?