Cool new kitchen gadget helps your food last longer


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Before you read this, go to your fridge, grab the baking soda and toss it in the trash. There’s a new game in town guaranteed to keep your refrigerator — and food — fresh.

Aptly named Freshy, the new food preservation device is a small, egg-shaped tool that you keep in your refrigerator and pantry to prolong the shelf life of food.

Here’s how it works: Freshy, which is all-natural and environmentally friendly, contains natural mineral elements and emits safe energy that reduces oxidation, retains moisture and slows the growth of bacteria in food.

"It's laboratory-tested, scientifically proven and naturally safe,” said Carlos Fuentes, president at Freshy. “We know that if people just give Freshy a try, they'll see all their perishable food stay fresher longer. Healthier and tastier too."

A team of scientists, chemists, biologists and physicians developed Freshy, which works on fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, bread, juice, dairy, leftovers and more — as long as they are within a 3-foot radius. Even foods stores in plastic wrap, plastic containers, Styrofoam and glass will benefit. Freshy lasts a year with no maintenance.

"Freshy is an excellent, noninvasive, safe way to prolong shelf life and freshness of many foods," said Dr. Daniel Fung, professor of food science and animal sciences and industry at Kansas State University. "Freshy inhibits or kills spoilage and potential microbial pathogens."

Freshy is available online at FreshyWorks.com for $19.95.