Cotton gets sporty


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Before you head out to the gym, check the label on your workout gear. You’re likely to see polyester or another synthetic listed as the main fiber. In fact, according to a 2009 study by Cotton Inc., only 38% of athletic apparel found at retail contained this natural fiber.

But that was 2009. Today, more and more makers of athletic apparel are introducing cotton lines. And these aren’t just your basic collections of cotton t-shirts. The new and improved cotton clothing is designed to wick away moisture and keep you dry.

So how does it work? Under Armour’s Charged Cotton collection, which the company claims dries five times faster than ordinary cotton, utilizes alternating moisture-absorbing and moisture-repelling cotton yarns to push out sweat when it comes in contact with the fabric. Puma’s latest golf performance shirts feature TransDry technology that wicks away moisture and spreads it for fast drying and less cling to the body.

Under Armour’s Charged Cotton collection includes men's and women's shirts and shorts, as well as capri tights for women, and is available in stores and online at UnderArmour.com. Puma’s TransDry shirts are available online at Puma.com.