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One of the best things about cooler weather? No judgment when you choose to stay in and hibernate with a good book. Whether you want to curl up with your loved one, have a little “me time” or give your child a place to practice reading, a book nook is in order. This space will quickly become your favorite place in your home as you surround yourself with your favorite words, or give your kiddo a place to imagine all the places she’ll go.

Here are some of our favorite book nooks from around the interwebs.


For the grown-ups

1. If you’re lucky enough to have a closet in your home that’s not filled to the brim with storage, this is a much more fun use of space. Prestige Painting gives you step-by-step directions on how to turn a closet into a book nook decorated to your taste and overflowing with books instead of boxes.


2. This window-seat book nook from The Style Files can really take you away from it all. The daybed-like seating area can hold more than one, or you can kick back and lounge with your feet up. Feel like you’ve escaped to a cabin in the woods while you read your favorite novels.

The Style Files


3. It can’t get anymore simple than built-in bookshelves, a big comfy chair and beautiful sunlight. Check it out on Houzz.

Houzz Book Nook


4. If the underside of your staircase is exposed, or you knock a wall out to expose it, adding library shelving and a cozy couch — as shown on Renovator Store — is a dream spot to tuck away and read.

Renovator Store


For the kids

1. When it comes to a child’s reading space, simple is A-OK. Just put up a series of corner shelves, like Sunshine on the Inside, to create the perfect spot in a bedroom to plop down on cushy pillows, grab a favorite stuffed animal and practice the ABCs. 

Sunshine on the Inside


2. A lot of homes have a funky little alcove at the top of the stairs, or in a hallway, that would make a wonderful book nook with just a bench installed under the windows. Install storage on the walls, and under a bench that’s laden with cushions, and you have a cozy spot to cuddle up. Check out the tutorial on House of Turquoise.

House of Turquoise


3. You love when your kids spend time outside. And you love when they read. Combine the two with these magical tents, as seen on The Craft Nest, using a cheap hula-hoop and curtain or sheet. Just add a blanket and pillows to sit on.

The Craft Nest



Make sure to hang this charming sign from the Etsy store Houseof3 in any nook you create. Could it be more perfect?