Top 5 creative gardening tips


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When it comes to gardening, size and location no longer matter. There are so many ways to sustain edible leafy life in small spaces — indoors and outdoors — it’s almost impossible not to get your daily fill of veggies. Here are HellaWella’s Top 5 ways to turn your habitat into an edible oasis.

1. Get extra creative when seeking space for a garden. Balconies, rooftops, windows, even fire escapes have all become fair game. We are in love with the Woolly Pocket Garden Co.’s Wally Modular Living Wall System. Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, these pockets can be fastened directly onto your wall! Imagine the possibilities.

2. Go vertical. With inexpensive Topsy Turvy planters, you simply plant the seedlings, hang the planter and water.

3. Use every inch of free space you have. Mount shelves in your kitchen for herbs or even hang plant pods from your ceiling. SimplyPlanters.com has a great assortment of containers for indoor and outdoor gardening. Remember the Chia Pet? Now you can snag a Chia Gourmet Herb Garden. Simply place a sponge in one of the quality pots, sprinkle seeds on top and water daily.

4. Form vs. function? How about both? We have to go with Cogea Designs’ fun LED-illuminated planters in green, orange, yellow, white or red to add some color to your soon-to-be “green” home. We also found some rad, handmade planters at Etsy.com.

5. Green thumb not working? Scope out community gardens in your area. You’ll learn how to work the land with other local veg-heads and grow delicious food. According to the American Community Garden Association, there are an estimated 18,000 community gardens throughout the United States and Canada. Find one near you. No community gardens near you? Start your own.

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What are some of your creative space-saving gardening tips? Let us know below.