Cut yourself? Save your blood, and a life


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The next time you cut yourself, take a minute before you run for the bandages. Because that painful cut may help someone suffering from blood cancer.

Help Remedies, a New York-based boutique, over-the-counter pharmaceutical company, is offering “help I’ve cut myself & I want to save a life” kits, which include a bone marrow donor registry kit with its standard adhesive bandages.

Help Remedies partnered with DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow donor center, to process the kits, which contain sterile swabs and a postage-paid envelope. All you need to do it swab the blood from your cut, and then mail the swab in the envelope to DKMS to begin the donor registration process.

“Each year thousands of people with leukemia and other blood cancers need a bone marrow transplant to live, yet fewer than half receive one,” said Richard Fine, Help CEO. “This is a simple and smart idea: By making registration a part of what people are already doing, we think we can get more people to register, and in doing so, help save lives.”

“Help I’ve cut myself & I want to save a life” kits are available for purchase on Fab.com and Help’s site, Helpineedhelp.com, with other retailers to follow.

“Hopefully you will not have a cut, but if you do, maybe you will think about joining the registry yourself,” said Nathan Frank, Help co-founder and creative director. “Even without a cut, you can still register at Getswabbed.org.”