Cyclists and foodies unite! Farm-to-fork bike tours pair fitness with local, healthy eating


Cyclists petting a baby cow

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Cyclists trying food at a Tour de FarmForget the Tour de France. If you like cycling and you like good food, combine the two and participate in a Tour de Farm. You'll work up a sweat, burn a bunch of calories and eat healthfully.

Tour de Farm events are pretty cool; they are like farmers markets on wheels, so bring cash and a backpack. You get to cycle a certain distance — whether it’s 15 miles or over 200 miles — while stopping at different farms along the way.

At each farm you get to sample and buy fresh, local produce and homemade baked goods (don’t worry, you’re scorching calories on the bike — dig in!); purchase artisan-crafted products; and learn about the farms and the people who run them. Depending on the location, you may also have the opportunity to ride through and learn about historic areas.

The post-ride payoff usually means a delicious farm-to-fork experience consisting of a gourmet meal made with fresh, local seasonal ingredients while you sit, eat and drink with fellow cyclists from your community. You really can’t have a healthier day than that.

Don't forget to bring the whole family. Tour de Farms keep you in touch with what local agriculture is all about: community and a healthy lifestyle. You will all appreciate the hard work and love that goes into farming and enjoy the quality time together. That is a learning experience you won’t want your kids to miss.