De-haunt your home: Tips for a safe Halloween


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Because nothing says scary like a treacherous walk to someone’s home just for some free candy, this Halloween, skip the haunted house tricks and stick with the treats. Here’s how:

• If you’re home and want trick-or-treaters to come a-knockin’, turn on your outside lights. Replace burned-out bulbs in advance, and don’t put candles out on your porch, lest you want a child’s costume to go up in flames. Light up jack-o-lanterns with small flashlights instead of candles. Motion-sensor lights can also be helpful to prevent burglaries and tripping.

• If you plan on using candles, make sure your smoke alarms are working. Click here for more on fire safety at HellaWella.

• Keep your walkway free of obstructions (such as pumpkins, decorations, flowerpots and toys) so trick-or-treaters don’t trip on their way to your door. Sweep away wet leaves to avoid slips and falls.

• Hold your pets back from jumping or biting. Make sure they are on a leash if you bring them to your door.

For more safety advice, check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Home Safety Council and American Academy of Pediatrics.