Debunking the dangerous detox myth of hydrogen peroxide

It’s no surprise that in the hustle and bustle of life in big cities people tend to covet the quick-fix. It’s also no surprise that if someone calls him or herself an expert or a doctor and has what looks like an established blog, that expert can package up a healthy dose of pseudoscience and make it sound absolutely 100% legit — such as the claims of the supposed multiple miraculous benefits of hydrogen peroxide.


The Myth

All the brouhaha over hydrogen peroxide being a miracle cure-all began with a Dr. Koch, who was censured by the Food and Drug Administration in 1942 for his quacking quackery. Here we are 71 years later, and people touting hydrogen peroxide as a magic fix are still making the rounds, this time with the help of the Internet and social media.

Rub your skin with 3% hydrogen peroxide, claims one blogger, because doing so will “deliver oxygen through the pores of your skin and into your system.” The same blogger suggests that in lieu of rubbing your skin with it, you can add 1 to 2 cups of 35% hydrogen peroxide to a half bathtub of water.

According to the myth, H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) is water with an extra oxygen atom, which can be absorbed through the skin in one of those 20- to 40-minute baths, and used by your cells as normal oxygen. And it sounds science-y. After all, phrases that sound authoritative, such as “in-depth research” and “eliminates toxins,” get thrown around so much so that it’s easy for people to forget that hydrogen peroxide is used to clean bathtub grout — it eats away that brown gunky stuff. So does bleach. You wouldn’t bathe in bleach, would you? (Please don’t.)

Soaking in a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide may cause irritation or even damage to your mucosal membranes in your delicate areas. But alas, you will get no extra oxygen from soaking in this mild acid used to clean wounds. You don’t have gills, and you are not an amphibian.

Some sites recommend you purchase their hydrogen peroxide kits and drink the stuff. Drinking will surely mean your absorbing that extra oxygen atom, right? Wrong. Please don’t drink hydrogen peroxide. Ever. Regardless of how much you dilute it or whatever amount of money you “invest” in what sounds like a safe “kit.” Drinking hydrogen peroxide can cause chemical burns in the esophagus, which can lead to scarring and even narrow it, making it more likely you’ll choke. According to the American Cancer Society, drinking the 35% solution can cause severe burns to the throat and stomach, vomiting and even death. The ACS goes on to state that direct skin contact with hydrogen peroxide and inhaling its vapors can also be harmful.

It gets worse. Apparently some people even get hydrogen peroxide injections. The ACS also points out injecting hydrogen peroxide can have serious and fatal side effects. High blood levels of hydrogen peroxide in the bloodstream can cause oxygen bubbles that then block the flow of blood, which can lead to gangrene and death.

The reality of hydrogen peroxide is that many of us know what we’ve used it for historically: cleaning wounds and bleaching our hair. We know it can be used to clean corrosive pots and bathroom tile grout. But it’s easy to chuck common sense into the backseat when we want that magic fix, when we think we are doing the right thing and when we trust people who claim they have done thorough research and don a white coat. What motivates people — besides selling “kits” for your hard-earned cash and getting blog hits — to recommend something that has been debunked as, well, bunk, since the first quack got in trouble for peddling it like snake oil in 1942? Who knows.

But be aware of legitimate scientists and don’t limit your research to that one blogger who was supported by that one doctor and that other expert. Be safe, and let common sense take the wheel.



Submitted by Gary Hutchings on

One by one.. here we go...

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1931
Otto Warburg ...

Check the connection between cancer and low cell oxygenation levels... It is no myth that we are oxygen burning creatures and that improved oxygen levels help ALL the bodies functions. I love how you lead with "Quackary". Trying to use one man to discredit so many peoples personal experience with the substance.

Two: You must not be very educated on debate or the most common applications of HP. Yes, some people do use it in a bath, yes you can absorb oxygen through the skin, yes it does kill bad things that can not live in the presence of oxygen. It is invigorating, but not the most common way of using it. You comparison of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to Chlorine Bleach is the most ridiculous scare tactic.

"You wouldn’t bathe in bleach, would you?" Why did they let you publish this, when you are so wrong? Yes you do bathe in it, you drink bleach too. They add chlorine to our water supply. You know, just like the Hydrogen Peroxide we use, they are both dilution when consumed and bathed in.

Is Bleach naturally occurring in breast milk and honey? No? Because Hydrogen Peroxide is.

Three: Your main premise about Hydrogen Peroxide as some how more dangers than other chemicals, one you already mentioned, we deal with every day is ludicrous.

How do you take off your finger nail polish? Acetone maybe? What do you clean your oven with? Would you drink the gas you put in your car, even if it were diluted? For that matter, not paying attention while driving is WAY more dangers than handling Hydrogen Peroxide. We do not drink it at 35% anymore than you would drink chorine out of the bottle undiluted as you do laundry. It is only ever consumed at 3.0% - 3.5%. You measure it in the 35%, do not take it or apply it at full strengths. This is spelled out clearly by people who talk about its benefits.

You have to space out the doses when you take it orally so as not to interact strongly with food. On an empty stomach is best. They other precaution is taking probiotics when doing the full detox.

I spilled the stuff on myself, my arm, my leg and my private parts. I got up calmly as to not splash it everywhere and had time to get to the bathroom and wash it off. Wow, guess what, no chem burn.

Four: The people who use it intravenously are doing so under a doctors supervision. Your lack of education on the subject shows again, this is pharmaceutical grade Hydrogen Peroxide, not medical that you get from the store with preservatives(We do not consume this type) or the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide that we do, drink, inhale and use topically. And once again, it is a HIGHLY diluted form when given intro intravenously. Like 5cc's in a full sized bag of saline. It ends up being a several places past the decimal point concentration wise. Once again, you are blindly regurgitating the scare attics.

You consume food grade just like everyone else. They spray it on in insides of food containers like juice boxes and fruit rollup packages.

Five: Your final claim "But it’s easy to chuck common sense into the backseat when we want that magic fix, when we think we are doing the right thing and when we trust people who claim they have done thorough research and don a white coat." Ignorantly implying that no credible research has been done on the subject and show positive results.

"besides selling “kits” for your hard-earned cash and getting blog hits — to recommend something that has been debunked as, well, bunk, since the first quack got in trouble for peddling it like snake oil in 1942? " 1942 huh? You think when that is when the studies began? Funny.

My life has quality of my life has dramatically improved, no snake oil here and your theory about the profit motivation is silly, its like 3 cent a dose.

This is why you have people like the ONE source you quote WOW "Ben Goldacre" huh? What a world renowned name lol..

I will not do your research for you, you obviously did none of your own. That or your standards for evidence do not include the scientific method.

"Hopkins Study Proves Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporizers Highly Effective"
Bookmarked at the Occupational Health and Safety site if you would care to do any real research on the subject. (I use the inhalation method daily.)

"Charles Farr, MD is generally considered to be the pioneer and father of oxidative medicine in the United States. He took patients dying from influenza pneumonia and gave them hydrogen peroxide therapy. Almost half of those patients lived."

" It was first reported by Dr. T. H. Oliver in Lancet, The British Medical Journal! (Oliver TH, Cantab BC and Murphy DV. Influenza / Pneumonia: The Intravenous Injection of Hydrogen Peroxide, Lancet 1, 1920:432-433.) Antibiotics were discovered twenty four (24) years later. "

Do some research BEFORE you open you start talking bad about something that helps many people.

Gary Lee Hutchings

Submitted by Shawn on

WOWWW. Its very comforting to see that not all of society is completely retarded. Because thats is the main focus of these "protective" agencies such as the FDA. TO MAKE AMERICA FAT AND RETARDED. Thank you Gary for revealing truth, because ignorance is bliss, and you can't get much more ignorant than the author of this article. Keep going to the doctor 5 times a year, you'll help them make their quotas.

Submitted by ShaunTheSheep on

"In the United States, renowned chemist plus physician Dr. William Fredrick Koch undertook several studies with hydrogen peroxide on cancer patients during the 1920s. In fact, Dr. Koch made use of a substance, which he named glyoxylide that is thought to be the identical oxygen that is present in hydrogen peroxide. Unlike Dr. Oliver who administered hydrogen peroxide intravenously, Dr. Koch was in favour of administering H2O2 intramuscularly."

"Although the treatments of Dr. Koch proved to be successful, afterwards the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated legal action against him. While he was not found guilty, Dr. Koch made up his mind to go away from the United States and go on with his research in Brazil, where he breathed his last in 1967."

Shawn, you're beyond ignorant as shit. You should drink 100% H2O2. It'll cure your stupidity. Go learn what's the meaning of pharmaceutical effect and pharmaceutical doses. And learn the general term of duration, onset, adverse effects, complications. Medicine is evolving. If you can't hope to cure a cancer patient only by chemo or surgery, you'd seek for alternative methods. Some of your family members really should have cancer. Then only you'll realize how dire the situation is and how desperate the treatment can be. We purchased a 15,000USD$ worth of trial medicine because no other treatment was working. And the results were still negative. Using H2O2 as an alternative medication can be indicated, as long as its controlled.
-I'm a doctor

Submitted by Ted on

You are not a doctor.

Submitted by Morten on

"Trying to use one man to discredit so many peoples personal experience with the substance."
Really? Anecdotes...

""Ben Goldacre" huh? What a world renowned name lol.."
Just because you don't know him, doesn't make him unknown. I knew who he was before stumbling onto this article/blog/whatever.
I'd trust a trained MD, who's publicly attacking big pharma and alternative medicine, over a random hippie on the internet any day.

Submitted by Michael B. on

Gary, you ignorant slut. Obviously you are not a medical doctor or professional, and it is highly unlikely you possess a chemistry degree, unless of course you obtained it from a Cracker Jack box.

First, all that bunk you quote from the 1920s, 30s and 40s is exactly that, BUNK. It has all been disproven, found to be erroneous or flat out fake (Warburg did win not one, but two Nobel Prizes, however it wasn't for shoving H2O2 up people's asses and furthermore his research on cancer cells and their energy metabolism (where much of this peroxide BUNK stems from) was found to be pure BUNK by scores of studies conducted later. Medicine has come a long way since the days when they sold heroin and morphine "cure-alls" in a bottle, over the counter to kids, ya know?

Second, no reputably published, double-blind study has shown any therapeutic benefits to internal uses of hydrogen peroxide, although many state it is outright dangerous. The American Cancer Society clearly states, "Available scientific evidence does not support claims that putting oxygen-releasing chemicals into a person's body is effective in treating cancer." For that matter, it isn't useful in treating anything. These myths purported by your various pseudo-scientists, alien abductees and other wankers - that somehow by forcing more oxygen than is necessary for the body, by any ole' means possible, will somehow magically "cure" diseases - is pure BUNK. It goes against basic biochemical processes, and any freshman chem major knows this. Your body cannot simply suck extra oxygen dissolved in blood plasma and "target" it toward something. The oxygen carried to tissues isn't floating around in blood plasma anyway - it is carried by hemoglobin in red blood cells which becomes oxygen saturated by way of a complex thermodynamic/chemical process and it cannot carry more oxygen because it is already saturated after each breath you take. Any extra gasses will simply form bubbles and maybe give you an embolism (but maybe that's your thing, eh?) Even if humans could use excess dissolved oxygen in the blood plasma, the volume released per day by any survivable concentration of H2O2 is less than the volume of oxygen contained in a single breath! I think in science, they call that "negligible." Besides, how is the peroxide / extra O2 supposed to find its way to your diseased liver or cancerous colon? What if there's some oxygen-hungry sperm cell, hell bent on knocking up your sister, in the way gobbling it all up! Well, I could go on and on, but here's a link to some real science, complete with citations to dozens of research papers, explaining why H2O2 does not, cannot and never will "oxygenate" the blood or cure diseases.

Finally, I love how these quack H2O2 websites, most of which are full of spam, adware, crash my browser, or look like they were designed by a ten year-old, dupe the unsuspecting, unwary and uninitiated with their fake knowledge of chemistry and biology. My favorite quote is "Hydrogen Peroxide is water with an extra oxygen atom ... " Nothing could be further from the truth, peroxide and water have nothing in common - except that maybe they appear similar at room temperature, but even that is not totally correct as concentrated H202 is light blue, water is clear. They do not share any chemical or physical properties. They have different boiling points, freezing points, densities, molar mass, and so on and so forth. H2O2 is corrosive and a powerful oxidizer, water is neither. H2O2 is catalytically decomposed by, well, nearly anything, including rough surfaces. Water is not. When decomposed, H2O2 releases not only oxygen but a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF ENERGY. That's why it is used as a rocket propellant - umm, water is not. In fact, this same reaction that occurs in a rocket motor, jet pack or Wile E. Coyote's Acme rocket-powered roller skates occurs in the body when it is decomposed by the enzyme catalase. Now, you peroxide pundits claim to only use 3% or lower concentrations, but of course any freshman chem student knows that concentration, among other things, only reduces the RATE of a reaction, it does not fundamentally change the reaction itself. So, if you wanna slowly burn yourself up with a corrosive oxidizer capable of killing every living cell it comes in contact with (cancer cells included), then be my guest. Hell, I'll even send ya some of my 90% propellant-grade (look mom, no stabilizers) peroxide and you can tell me how that works out for you!



Submitted by Tatiana on

MICHAEL, let me give you just a couple examples of how the empirical evidence that H2O2 does have beneficial effects on health can be explained. One just have to do some research, it's be more productive than what you are doing here.

Example 1

There us an endogenous (naturally occurring in the body) substance called nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2). A growing body of evidence allows to look at Nrf2 as a novel target for the prevention of cancer. Guess what? H2O2 can cause selective protein translation, resulting in a rapid increase of Nrf2 protein.


Saw, C. L. L., & Kong, A. N. T. (2011). Nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor 2 as a chemopreventive target in colorectal cancer. Expert opinion on therapeutic targets, 15(3), 281-295.

Covas, G., Marinho, H. S., Cyrne, L., & Antunes, F. (2013). Activation of Nrf2 by H2O2: de novo synthesis versus nuclear translocation. Meth Enzymol, 528, 157-171.

Example 2

Here are two excerpts from the article by V. Calabrese et al. in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1822 (2012) 753–783:

1) "Recent findings have elucidated the cellular signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms that mediate hormetic adaptive response which typically involve the synthesis of various stress resistance proteins as the products of “vitagenes”, a group of genes strictly involved in preserving cellular homeostasis during stressful conditions." [Hormetic adaptive response is a universal reaction to repetitive, potentially harmful (but in low doses benefitial1) insults by toxins, or radiation, or cold, or heat. That includes H2O2]

2) "H2O2 may activate adaptive stress response pathways in neurons, they may also exert a neuroprotective effect by acting on other cell types in the nervous system".

Submitted by A on

Such a long quack. Study more instead of watching too much Will E. Coyote. I don't have to elaborate to prove my point or to prove you wrong. Look up on H2O2. Technology and knowledge is at the touch of your hands.
PS- if you must know, I'm a medical student. Not a professional yet, but have a sound understanding in this topic.

Submitted by b.ant on

i cannot argue technical details. but i can relate my experience.
i have autoimmune disease which gives me a range of symptoms. i had major problems with fluid in my lungs. i was under medical supervision. i had antiibiotics for 18 months.. nothing was working..i did the cure .. yes.. off the internet.. after talking to others who had tried it. i took 3 drops of 35% food grade peroxide in a glass of boiled well water.. 3 times a day. then started increasing the amount by one drop a day until i was up to 15 drops..the goal was 25 drops but i was peroxided out at 15... then reduced the amount by one drop a day until down to three again. after two weeks i felt like a whole new person. rattling and pain were gone from lungs and i havent looked back since...
so you can all blah on all you like.. it does work.
i have since used it for many home cures with great success.

Submitted by Joyce on


Submitted by Joyce on

I am on the prescription xanax. I am supposed to take 3 a day. I tapered to 1/2 3 times a day and was feeling the withdrawl. I started drinking a drop in my water and spraying it in my throat and lungs/ diluted food grade. Its unbelievable!! I went 15 hours without becoming uncomfortable. I only decided to take my half to avoid seizures. It makes me feel alive.

Submitted by DEAN on

Thank you for the lengthy detailed response to this article. It seems the very first paragraph about anyone with a blog and half a brain cell can post something and seem legitimate. I couldn't have added anything more to what your reply states other than maybe the author has had too much public water. Too much chlorine and fluoride killing and calcifying the brain!

Submitted by sanna22 on

That was a very informed put down! We're not all a bunch of experimental health loonies. Lol! Please keep defending this amazing product. Been using 10-16 drops for a week and I've finally gotten rid of my brain fog which I thought would be a permanent part of my life. I'm 26 and Im working now to improve my health with this QUACK STUFF. If HydrogenP is quack then I want to be quack from now on. Lets keep it quacking!! :)

Submitted by gigi wolf on

I enjoyed reading the debate on this- It's like reading the debate on aspartame or something. I've read doctors' comments about the 'myth' of the dangers of aspartame, and been flabbergasted by the ignorance. As for hydrogen peroxide therapy, it's the empirical evidence, which I hope is the right term for the people who use something with good or poor results, which helps to convince me.

The funded studies are always suspect. Who's funding them and why? And anyone who uses the AMA or FDA as a definitive source of approval or condemnation will lose at least half my belief in their assertions. And as for mainstream medicine: yes, many people who use alternative treatments die from their condition, whatever that may be, but from what I can ascertain, at least half the people who receive traditional treatments for cancer, die also.

If they die, the doctors say the cancer did it. If they survive, the doctors say their medicine saved them. Why not give alternative treatments the same consideration?

Sometimes, I wonder if it isn't better to be without health insurance, because people usually have no other options but to use less expensive alternative treatments. Has any study ever been done about that segment of the population who survived a disease without traditional medicine? Probably not, because no one knew they had it-

Submitted by Gary Lee Hutchings on

You are intellectual cowards. I am sure I am not the first person to comment on this story. You are afraid of the truth and open debate. In short, you are pathetic.

Submitted by Gary Lee Hutchings on

The fact you posted my comment at least shows you are willing to let people have a say.. I take back my 2nd comment... Not my first.. the that speaks for itself.

Submitted by marty on

Peroxyde do not give you more oxygene when drank period

Submitted by Anonymous on

Where do you get your facts from? Because your statement sounds like more of opinion than fact.

Submitted by Suzanah1 on

Both highly beneficial both natural Both caustic if ingested at full strength ... My family has used both for decades... My parents are 89 on no meds, teeth bright white, haven't had a cold or flu in years .... If they get a bug for lack of taking their ACV & peroxide protocol (travelling, vaca) we start right up & instant healing!
I appreciate you post tho I'm wondering what prompted it as it is all one sided about side effects and no mention of research, etc

Submitted by guy on

Well this does not really "debunk" anything without providing the science behind it!
But anyway im pretty sure most of that is true thoug
(apart from the second were you say people drink 35% peroxide... No they dnt i wouldnt even think it would be possible to swallow this stuff!
people drink 3% . not 35 .. still would not suggest ingestion!

Now for the actual uses.

Killing external yeast/fungal infection rashes
(Jock itch/athlete's foot ect) the intense oxidizing fries yeast
would suggest between 3% and 9% - Soak into tissue papper and apply to the area for atleast 10 min's

Wounds - as stated on the article /google it

Mouth wash - Kills bacteria in the mouth, whitens teeth, Prevents oral thrush and cold sore breakouts... im serious about that one!
Suggest 3/6% ... at 9% is ok but lips begin to get irritation(itchy) - Do not go higher!

Herpes hates the stuff , since using as a mouth wash once/twice a day I have had no breakouts (seems to have an half life effect I ran out a good wile ago and still had nothing show)

And always remeber!
Never listen to a website that is trying to sell you the product in question

Submitted by dion cozamanis on

listen if something is poison to the body your body responds very quickly and bad.. I have more energy and this is a fact!!! Please dont tell me the o2 is not getting into my system!! I feel calm , and just peacful on this.. My breathing is easy and evenflow.. Ok just try it.. remember water can kill you if you drink enough and aspirin and anything else.. This is just 02 and water.. What the heck.. Its only bad if it reacts to metals as in minerals and vitamins.. Its in the rain, mothers milk Etc..

Submitted by Jenn on

Right, because carcinogens always give you cancer within 5 minutes and you experience symptoms immediately. and meth and cocaine instantly make people feel TERRIBLE which is why no one would ever take it more than once.

This is also wildly inconsistent with the idea of built up toxins in the body that need to be removed, which people like you seem to be obsessed with.

good argument there.

Submitted by Joyce on

I have more energy , I feel calm and just peaceful and my breathing is easy too

Submitted by Garry on

The sun in New Zealand is quite fierce. At 67yrs I'm suffering from said cancer in the topic (type of skin cancer). I use a 6% solution to burn off erupting cancers. Now summer is nearly hear, I'm doing it daily.
The 6% solution is via the chemist and is not taken internally.

Submitted by Darcie on

I feel better and more energetic than I have in a year. My skin and eyes look brighter and my mental clarity is amazing. I take about 8-12 drops in a full glass of water, 3 times a day. And, interestingly enough: I have noticed if I spend a day drinking too much alcohol, and drink two glasses of this solution through the night: NO hangover whatsoever. I feel fresh as a daisy in the morning.

I have done some research, but all I can rely on is my and my friends' experience. Which, so far, have all been good.

Submitted by Robert on

I havnt heard of anyone dying from this stuff, and if its just a scam well bugga! i just been ripped off for $3.

Submitted by Laura on

Still laughing my ass off at the $3.00 thing!!!! I love the hydrogen peroxide protocol. I have so many people on it any and no bad comments all good. More energy for sure. Just an over all sense of well being. I really can't explain it but my all over body pains are going away. I have been suffering for some time now and I can now jump out of bed instead of figure out how I'm going to get out of bed. Cheers to all. I mix it with distilled water.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Just took down my first glass at three drops progressing daily up to 25 drops any insight??? Kind of skeptical...

Submitted by B on

Anyone who takes h202 dry is stupid! Other than tht it's like overdosing on medication why would you do that. H202 worked on my mum and worked on me. Didn't think we had dum pple who inject the shit. Obviously this person was dum too.

Submitted by Bongstar420 on

Hmmmm. This sounds like the Ozone thing. Ozone and Hydrogen peroxide do the same thing- release Oxygen radicals. Hydrogen peroxide is a part of normal metabolism. I don't think therapy with it is beneficial in itself, but it is likely to activate enzyme transcription (Hydrogen peroxide is more of an information molecule). For instance, it will increase Superoxide dismutase production.

I couldnt find anything for Hydrogen peroxide per se but here is the Ozone finding:

To prove my point, here is:

Hydrogen peroxide is not an acid BTW. It does not donate hydrogen to anything.

FYI, In my longevity research, I found that rats that lived the longest had the highest oxidation measurements (free oxygen radicals in cells and blood).

It may be common to have peroxide production be reduced, but if you do not have a response to peroxide encoded in your genes for it, you will never see a benefit.

Exercise will increase your oxidative load BTW. Think about it

Submitted by bob on

well im sitting here today ..after having a red inflamed rash for 6 months of doctors taking biopsys and blood and ct scans and my god a nearly a year of suffering from constant burning eye problems and deabilitating hip pain I suppose 20 thousand dollars of hospital bills theye said well the test for hlab 27 came back positive and it looks like you have lupus
barely breathing and walking i found a crack pot site earth something or other ......bought elthy alcolhol and asprin and hydrogen peroxide
about 20 bucks with toliet paper and went to work the hydro burns and sizzels when help to my lupus sores and the same when held over my areas of worst pain i just kept it up at full strenth I didnt care anymore i was sure i was dying any way bad pain and lungs filling with fluid the emergency room thought i may have mersa now and said dont use anything or take steroids
the derm said you need to be on prednisone again !
i was almost dead !
after one night of cleaning my skin and taking asprin and eating seat salt im like a new man in a whole year i cound never see or walk as good as today ! there must be a fungal agent at work here and docs wont help at all they look at me with fear and before i was a hypocondriact now im like a leper what the hell?

Submitted by JG on

I suffer from an autoimmune disease, too. Doctors don't quite know what to do with us, do they? Because of your testimonial, I am willing to try H2O2 therapy and see if it may work for me. God bless.

Submitted by Bdugan on

Wow, thanks for the open forum, Vivian. Hydrogen peroxide certainly does provide a continuous list of benefits any of which are seen here. Michael B. .... You have been schooled by real people living real lives seeing real benefits to H. Peroxide. Be careful of touting toooo much reliance on science, all to often we find out years later that there smatterings of findings needed significant statistical bolstering to sell their points, only to be fleshed out years later.
I encourage you to try and put the shoe your trying to cram up everyone's backside, on your other foot and see if people really are seeing positive and measurable benefits to their methods.
If not, stay off the internets forums.

Submitted by Ro on

At some point we should ask ourselves who has done it and who hasn't. You never know unless you try. 2nd what is a doctor but someone who is trained by the fda (who approves just the right amount of poisonous chemical in your food so you won't die from the first intake) and study medical books and formulas to certify them to see patients. Oxygen therapy is illegal in America not because it is " harmful" but because their wouldn't really be no other form of currency without medical treatments. Oh those billion dollar cancer centers we donate and believe in, as if they would jeopardize the flow of millions of dollars and find a cure for you folks. Oh the millions of dollars that flow into AIDS awareness and treatment, as if someone would jeopardize that for a cure for folks. Hate to break it to you in 2014 but you live a economy that is only concerned with the flow of currency not so much your health my friends so of course no "doctor" would re
commend any alternative they're affiliated with the FDA. Without health issues and killing some folks family off by the poisonous we put in food how else will we get these people to put there money back into us. Taxes is just not enough because we all know multiple streams of income in the way to go. But hey I'm just talking but I've learned early that we are walking on a graveyard of ignorant fearfully conditioned people. But its not your fault that's how you all are taught.

Submitted by fred jones on

Reading the comment section here has reminded how poor the American education system is, most of you need to go back to school and get a basic science education.

Yeah scientists and the government are actively hiding beneficial effects of hydrogen peroxide from you, has it occurred to you that if this were actually true, this information would be freely available in other more advanced countries than your own? (there are quite a few now)

Submitted by Fred Idiot Jones on

Fred Jones your the retard obviously here. Your comments are so retarded that a response to them would show ignorance on my part. Your a laughable foreign jack ass who needs to go home and spit at gophers between your two front buck toothed donkey chompers.. What a maroon....lmao

Submitted by kevnuke on

You're* ..retard

Submitted by Merrymix on

It should occur to everyone questioning the peroxide stories that there is NO incentive due to NO money to be made in proving anything good about peroxide therapy. Studies cost mega bucks so who's going to fund a study to show the benefits of something that is almost free?
Wise up! There are plenty of cures out there that you aren't hearing about -- you just have to do the research yourself, and "yes", you have to be your own doctor. Get informed.

Submitted by Merrymix on

It should occur to everyone questioning the peroxide stories that there is NO incentive due to NO money to be made in proving anything good about peroxide therapy. Studies cost mega bucks so who's going to fund a study to show the benefits of something that is almost free?
Wise up! There are plenty of cures out there that you aren't hearing about -- you just have to do the research yourself, and "yes", you have to be your own doctor. Get informed.

Submitted by bwin on

Ive been using Peroxide for 25 years for numerous uses from skin care to ingestion. Using is superficially cured my rosacea and seborrehic dermatitis 22 years ago. My dermatologist was pissed when I told her what I used to cure it as she cant make any more money for my monthly visits. But she did say she was happy I found something that worked, I think she knew all along, but she earns a living by prescribing the drug of the month by her pharmaceutical suppliers for kickbacks. One of my Rx was 307.00 a bottle, Desonide lotion, shit went up and down like the stock market!! I only use the 3% you get a quart at walmart for .88 cents. I tried the food grade once and diluted it down but that's a pain, the cheap stuff works just fine. Im 48 and have the face of a 30 year old. I splash my face with it all the time and it just cures everything, heals everything. Anyone that has a negative thing to say about Hydrogen Peroxide is 1.a moron ,2 government worker , 3 physician , lastly but not least a democrat, which refers back to 1.The next time one of you anti peroxide morons get a sore throat gargle with a mouthful of peroxide until you can no longer stand it and the swig a ounce with a glass of water. Shazam, you were just cured for 1 cent, You get yellow teeth , swish with peroxide as long as you can stand it then brush, yes your teeth will be brightened and it wont cost you 135 for your dentist to put Peroxide gel on them for you. only 1 penny... I could go on all night but you get my point, everything Ive read on the internet recently I did many years ago, I was surprised how few sites there were promoting it and more surprised there would be people out ther against using it, even to the point of bashing Americans!!!! f off and go back to your own country if you don't like us.

Submitted by Fred I AM An Id... on

Where are you from Fred? Obviously you were born in a Barn some where in Europe. Information on the Benefits of using H202 are freely available EVERY WHERE you look on the Internet. What other country is more advanced then ours? By the way in Europe the number of people using H202 is up to 11 Million. Big Pharma here is HIDING and trying to De-Bunk the truth on the Real Life Benefits of H202 you moronic genius. It's all about the Might Dollar and who cares about the people because there intentions are to keep people SICK so they sell more Meds. You need to wake up and start using the Internet and do your home work before you call any American a Retard because the True retard is obviously you. lol

Submitted by A Humble Americ... on

The word is EVERYWHERE, not every where. And it is 'more advanced THAN ours', not then.

'What other country is more advanced than ours? '
Are you serious? Have you ever traveled outside the USA? I had the chance to live in Sweden and study at University for two years. I can tell you that they are far more advanced than we are. Living there was like living in America, but better.

Being a humble American, makes me open to criticism and at times the realization that yes, we do need to improve certain things, like our education. You if anyone must admit that better education is only beneficial. However, I do not appreciate insulting and ignorant comments about the US. Because, in my heart, the USA is the greatest country on earth. But, throwing childish comments about 'being born in a barn' only embarrasses yourself and your fellow Americans and does in no way support your statement.

Submitted by Linda on

My derm doc froze my nose to treat my " pre cancer"I knew when she did it she hadn't done the job because it hadn't healed. When I went back she wanted to shave it to take biopsies and do surgery. Yuck! I applied 3% with q-tip until white then applied cotton square soaked in it for about half hour, did that 4/5 times a day. Within two weeks totally healed. All new skin. I had a friend who had a melanoma on her calf who did the same thing. It did eat a hole until cancer gone, but healed itself with barely a scar. Took a couple months for that. Now my doctor says I have COPD/ chronic bronchitis. I have starting drinking h202 as well as inhaling it daily. The drugs they wanted to give me were almost $400----to start. No way! My breathing is already improving. I've been on it almost two weeks now. Way more energy and I can walk longer- uphill- in winter! I'm happy as a clam.

Submitted by Ashley on

My friend is someone who researched this method to try to naturally cure his Pancreatic Cancer and it was the worst choice he could have made. As soon as he stopped radiation and started drinking the HP he was in hospice within 2 months. He is now on his deathbed. He told his friends and family "I can't believe I did that."

Submitted by Penny on

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Ashley, but he is not dying from HP Therapy. Pancreatic cancer is a fast-moving killer. It is highly likely that even if he had finished his radiation therapy he would have been in hospice within two months. Most people don't make it more than six months after diagnosis. The 5 year survival rate for this cancer is about 6%. That is incredibly low. Now, I don't pretend to know what stage your friend was in when diagnosed. Perhaps he had a better chance to beat it based on his particular situation. Regardless, he is not dying from HP therapy, he is dying from a very aggressive cancer that most people do not beat. Even if found very early, the survival rate for this cancer is only about 24%. While I realize your friend is not a number, he has not been facing very good odds to begin with.

I wouldn't even have commented if you had said that HP therapy did not cure his cancer, but to make a statement attributing his deathbed status to HP is ludicrous. I don't know a whole lot about HP therapy, but I know a bad argument when I see one.

At any rate, what has happened to your friend is very sad and I am truly sorry for you and his family. Was the radiation helping? Do you even know? We all have to choose our own paths, and in many cases we don't know what the outcome will be until we've suffered the consequences of the decision. Even medically sanctioned treatment is often a shot in the dark and you are left to decide between treatment options. You can't know what the right decision is until you've made it and reaped the rewards. That is life.

Submitted by Gina on

Penny is absolutely right. You have my condolences, but your friend died of the dreaded pancreatic cancer. Btw, radiation therapy destroys organs and poisons the body - it should always be a last resort. Sorry about your friend,

Submitted by rick on

the Chinese have a saying that a drowning man will even grab the point of a sword. And if you were on fire wouldn't you jump in the lake. I pray sickness wont visit your house, but it has mine. We are given tools to fight these enemy's that are mercy less and try to steel the precious gift of life from us or some one we love. Faith and belief have been the driving factor of people like Louis pasturs that life could be saved and lived if we would love others. hope there in an answer, and believe they could make a self I would hold the blade and offer the drowning man the handle..

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