Deep water running: Take your cross-training to the pool


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Looking for a different way to cross-train? Jump in the pool. Deep water running is a non-impact form of running done in place in the water usually wearing a flotation belt. It’s beneficial for cross-training for any sport or activity you’re involved in. The water gives you enough resistance without any impact, which makes it great to rehabilitate an injury. The high-intensity movements make it a great cardio workout as well.

In the deep end of the pool, use the exact running motion in the water as you would use on land — complete with arm swing. Flotation devices such as a vest or belt are recommended as it suspends your body about shoulder length in the water. You can even buy hand and foot aquatic gear for a more intense workout.

Try this deep water running workout by Active.com. If you’re rehabilitating an injury, please consult a doctor before trying any workout on your own!

Warm-up: 300-meter swim, 200-meter pull, 100-meter kick

Swim set: 800 meters at race pace

Jog: 20-minute water run with: 2-minute warm-up; 3 x 5:00 @ tempo intensity on 1-minute easy-jogging recovery

Swim set 2: 500 meters race pace

Jog: 15-minute water run with: 5 x 2 minutes hard (max intensity and turnover) on 1-minute easy-jogging recovery

Swim set 3: 3 x 250 race pace on 15 seconds rest

Jog: 10 minutes tempo intensity

Cool-down: 50 meters

Workout Totals: 2,700 meters swimming; 45 minutes jogging with 35 minutes at tempo intensity and above

Not convinced that this workout can kick your butt? Check out this short video: