IBM tops green companies list


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More companies today are keeping the environment in mind when making business decisions, and the ones found on Newsweek’s 2011 Green Rankings list have gone above and beyond to ensure their profits aren’t at the expense of the planet.

Topping the U.S. 500 list is IBM, which earned the spot by being at the forefront of what is now standard environmental policy. According to Newsweek, IBM released its first report on its impact on the environment in 1990, 10 years before the Global Reporting Initiative released its guidelines for environmental reporting. That commitment to the environment continues today, with IBM requiring its suppliers to sustain a corporate-responsibility and environmental-management system, according to Newsweek.

Other companies rounding out the top 10 include Hewlett-Packard, Sprint Nextel, Baxter and Dell.

So how did Newsweek make the list? The short answer is Newsweek looked at the largest publically traded U.S. companies for its U.S. 500 list and the largest publicly traded companies based in developed and emerging markets for its first-ever Global 100 list. If you’re interested in the full methodology, click here. Newsweek, along with some environmental research groups, then looked at each company’s environmental impact, green policies and reputation to come up with an overall green score.

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