Delta, IBM, Molson Coors earn top marks from Climate Counts


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Choosing green products and services no longer has to be a guessing game, thanks to a new program that evaluates companies on how serious they are about stopping climate change.

Climate Counts is a nonprofit, launched with the support of Stonyfield Farm (makers of organic yogurt), that aims to take the guesswork out of climate-friendly purchasing, by scoring companies on their green efforts.

Companies are rated on a 0-to-100 scale based on 22 criteria to determine whether they have measured their climate “footprint,” reduced their impact on global warming, supported climate legislation and publicly disclosed their climate actions.

Climate Counts rated companies across a variety of sectors, including airlines, beverages, electronics, hotels and food services. Top companies are denoted with a “striding” icon; those off to a good start, but still have a ways to go, are marked with a “starting” icon; and those with a poor rating are indicated by the “stuck” icon. Some examples of “striding” companies include Delta Airlines, IBM and Molson Coors Brewing. “Starting” companies include McDonald’s, Jones Apparel Group and Hyatt. Companies in the “stuck” category include JAKKS Pacific, Tempur-Pedic and ExpressJet.

To further highlight companies that are doing the most to stop climate change, Climate Counts offers this list of “Industry Innovators.”

Click here to see how your favorite companies scored, and for more information on the scoring process, click here.