Denise Austin releases new line of home fitness products at Rite Aid


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Austin posing with fitness great Jack LaLanne in 1981. Photo: Deniseaustin.com

We’re so happy Rite Aid has an exclusive partnership with fitness expert and legend Denise Austin! After all, exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, and just maybe, if some people worked out more, there will be less need to go to the pharmacy. Austin recently released a 33-product line of home fitness products called Forever Fit that’s available exclusively at Rite Aid stores across the nation.

For those who don’t know, Austin is a pioneer in the exercise and sports industry, having sold more than 20 million exercise videos and DVDs, authored more than 10 books on fitness and starred in the longest-running fitness show in the history of television, “The Jack LaLanne Show.” And she doesn’t look like she aged a bit!

This is not for those of you in beast mode. Featuring light exercise equipment paired with simple, safe routines, Forever Fit is more of a functional workout designed for the older crowd who are seeking to maintain and improve their health and wellness in order to accomplish life’s daily activities without aches and pains.

Austin designed Forever Fit to address the everyday health and fitness needs of people who are seeking a way to work out at home. It embodies the “active aging” approach to fitness and is designed to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, muscle strain and joint stiffness while increasing balance, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

“Forever Fit is not about exhausting yourself in the pursuit of bulging biceps,” Austin said in a release. “It’s a simple, easy and safe way to help reduce our little life pains, while promoting weight loss, improving cardiovascular fitness and enhancing your overall health and well-being.”

All products in the line are categorized into 1-of-4 categories, based on the associated health benefit: balance and flexibility, heart health, fitness and support, and toning and strength. The line includes unique items like the balance board and deluxe walking kit, and classics with a new twist, such as wrist weights with thumb loops, dumbbells and Pilates stretch bands. Each product comes with recommended workouts created by Austin. Items range in price from $3.99 to $29.99. A great gift for Mom or Dad!

To learn more about Forever Fit products and to watch instructional how-to videos, visit Riteaid.com/foreverfit.