Discover yourself with Cue, a new revolutionary smartphone-based health tracker



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Cue kit

What if you could track important health information right from the comfort of your own living room? All it takes is a small sample of saliva, blood or nasal swab; a smartphone; an app; and a handy little device called Cue — which can send you information about inflammation, vitamin D, fertility, influenza and testosterone, right down to the molecular level.

“We worked to make sure that Cue delivered meaningful Information in a way that can be understood without a medical degree,” said Clint Sever, Cue founder and chief product officer. “The result of this approach is a product that opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for understanding and improving our health.”

So how does this tiny wonder work? Simply slip one of the single-use, disposable cartridges into Cue, which will illuminate and prompts you to add a sample, collected with a Sample Wand. Cue will detect the sample and start the analysis, which it will send wirelessly to your smartphone in a few minutes. When Cue is done, it will prompt you to remove the cartridge and throw it away.

Then, Cue’s smartphone-based Life Feed “visualizes the daily effect of activity, food and sleep on your molecular health.” It then makes recommendations for foods proven to support health and alerts you when things change so you can achieve daily improvements. You can even log your food and track your progress.

“We created Cue as a tool for people who are interested in connecting with their health in a much more direct, intuitive, and powerful way than ever before. People can now keep daily track of measurements that used to be available only on a yearly or bi-yearly basis,” said Ayub Khattak, Cue founder and CEO. “We brought together the best minds and spent over four years creating the most advanced consumer health product we have ever seen.”