DIY app alert: Connect with a home expert with FixUp


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When something in your home breaks, clogs or crashes, do you:

a) Panic;

b) Make a beeline to the phone and call a Pro; or

c) Relish the opportunity for a new DIY adventure?

If you chose “c” but must admit that you’re a DIY dummy, we’ve got an app for you.

Meet FixUp. Free to download and available 24/7, this home maintenance app connects you with a coach who offers step-by-step instructions with the video feature on your iPhone.

Simply start up the app and check out which coaches are available. You’ll then be able to view their rates, reviews and expertise. “You then contact the best one for you, tell them your issue and, utilizing the mobile video feature of your phone, you get walked through how to fix it (or at least identify what parts to get),” according to the app’s website.

Once the session is done — and your issue is resolved — the contractor will be automatically paid his per-minute rate (which you agree on beforehand). No credit card is needed; it's billed through Apple.

Problem not fixed? No problem. Whatever you paid via your FixUp session will be applied to an in-person service call. If you decide not to use the expert’s services or he was unable to help over the phone, you pay nothing for the call.

Here are just some of the issues FixUp experts can handle:

  • Flat tire;
  • Stained carpet;
  • Power outage;
  • Broken furniture;
  • Hole in the wall; and
  • Hanging Christmas lights.

FixUp is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and requires iOS 5.0 or later.