DIY garden art, with a modern twist


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Listen up, garden lovers: When it comes to garden art these days, gnomes are a thing of the past. So are plastic woodland creatures and silvery, tin-foil pinwheels.

Today, when decorating your front yard or garden, think green. Recycled, that is. Use what you have, use what you can rehab and bring some color to your yard — beyond the hues from your beautiful blooms.

ParkBenchRecycled flowers

Use anything round and flat — an old basket, wreath or iron design — to create stunning blooms that will liven up any ole’ fence or shed wall. Paint them bright, use old cords painted green for stems and leaves, and watch your “green” garden grow.


HopscotchHop to it

While these stepping stones do indeed create a game of hopscotch, this path through your garden isn’t just for kids. Using old pavers, paint them bright candy-colors and number them as you wish. Get in a game or two while pulling weeds, and your workout for the day is done.



TirePlantersPlanters galore

You can use all kinds of items for planting flowers or herbs. Try plastic fast food cups, cleaned and wrapped in colorful tape. How about an old vinyl record as a vessel for greenery? It has a built-in drain hole! And we can’t forget about tires — which just will not break down in landfills. So why not use them as giant planters and spruce them up with splashes of color?


Salvaged furniture

Whether you use an old dresser and spruce it up, or keep a vintage ladder au natural, these potting stations will not only give some functionality to your garden; they’ll offer up some personality as well.