Do these 3 easy moves to strengthen your ankles


avoid ankle sprains

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s we inch closer to summer, you'll note the uptick in exercise moves that target specific areas. Tighten your abs and inner thighs, get rid of arm juggle and oh my goodness gracious is that armpit fat? We tend to be very hard on our bodies and ourselves, viewing fitness as a solely cosmetic thing. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look toned and good, it's just as important for you to love your body, perceived flaws and all, and even more important to feel good, too.

So go on and do that dumbbell circuit to work out your arms, by all means, but don't forget the parts of the body that we tend to take for granted, such as the ankles. The ankles do a lot of work, helping us walk from Point A to Point B, climb up and down steps and run for our train so we get in to work on time. Just ask anyone who's ever sprained or broken an ankle — it's extremely painful and can really disrupt your routine.

To keep ankles healthy and strong, make sure you are wearing the right shoe for whatever activity you're doing. Your feet — and ankles — need the correct type of support. There are also a number of different exercises that help strengthen your ankles. The following video from About.com demonstrates three really easy ones to get you started.

h/t About.com.