Do you know what’s in your cleaning products?


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If you clean your home on a regular basis — and we think you should — and you’re not going the DIY route, then you’re buying cleaning products that are made with any number of ingredients. But do you know exactly what goes into those products?

The American Cleaning Institute wants you to know, and it’s going to tell you with its new Cleaning Product Ingredient Inventory.

The inventory lists more than 900 chemical ingredients used by ACI members to make consumer cleaning products, including laundry care products (e.g., laundry detergents and fabric softeners), dish care products (e.g., automatic dish detergents and hand dish detergents) and hard surface cleaners. ACI developed and published the ingredient names and, where available, associated Chemical Abstract Service numbers.

“The Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative is one of ACI’s many efforts to promote the responsible management of our members’ products and the safety of the ingredients in them,” said Paul DeLeo, ACI senior director of environmental safety. “The first step in this initiative is to compile and make publicly available a comprehensive inventory of ingredients used among its members in the formulation of home use consumer cleaning products sold in the United States. The initiative focuses on laundry care, dish care and hard-surface cleaning products.”

In 2010, ACI launched the Consumer Product Ingredient Communication Initiative, designed for companies to voluntarily share with consumers information about the ingredients in such products as air care products, automotive care products, cleaning products, and polishes and floor maintenance products.

The goals of the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative are:

• To publicly identify available hazard data sets for each chemical ingredient used in members’ formulated consumer cleaning products;
• To conduct an exposure assessment consistent with the use of the ingredients; and
• To conduct a screening-level risk assessment demonstrating the safe use of those ingredients.