Dog owners, rejoice: 24/7 online vet access


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Sometimes we need medical advice at inconvenient times. The same goes for our pets. No need to worry anymore. Dog owners with health questions can now head over to Rover.com, a website that connects dog owners with local dog sitters, for 24/7 online access to veterinarians.

“How is this possible?” you ask. Rover.com has partnered with VetLive.com, an online resource offering advice from U.S.-based, licensed veterinarians. This partnership offers members who opt in for the service 24/7 access to VetLive.com. Users will be able to ask questions of licensed veterinarians online, any time of day or night.

"Our exclusive partnership with VetLive.com enables our 70,000 members to make well-informed and confident decisions about the health of their dogs, and those in their care, in the unlikely case that medical attention might be necessary," said Aaron Easterly, CEO of Rover.com.

Rover.com members will be able to:

  • Consult with a licensed veterinarian online 24/7 to determine if he or she needs to visit a vet;
  • Work with vets to develop a plan to maximize their pet's health outcome; and
  • Receive email and/or text message notifications when their consultation is ready for review.


"VetLive.com is currently the only 24/7 immediate response veterinary advice website that connects concerned pet parents with licensed veterinarians, allowing pet parents to address questions about their pet's health and well-being," said Dr. Laci Schaible, co-founder of VetLive.com. "It's basically like having access to a team of vets at all times, which allows Rover.com members and all users the ability and confidence to make informed and educated decisions regarding their dog's health."

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