Don’t be caught with these 14 dead decor trends



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Does your decor scream last year? Last decade? Maybe last century? Fear not, it happens to the best of us. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest decor trend, then get busy with life and then suddenly find yourself woefully behind the times.

Here’s a list of a few trends that scream “update me, for pity’s sake!”


1. Keep calm and just don’t

The Keep Calm and “blank” is over. While it comes from a classic place in history (being WWII), I don’t think anyone even knows that anymore. The posters, the T-shirts, the mugs, the coozies, it’s all done. If you have one on your wall, tear it down and try something easy, fun and unique.


2. Burlap anything

Did someone say boring? Oh, you said burlap. It’s just this weird line between barn style or ragged cabin. Go with a solid or a checkered pattern if you’re in it for the long run.


3. Carpet in your bathroom

Carpet in the bathroom died out in the 70s. If you need to get with the times here, updates to tile or linoleum aren’t cheap, but they are durable, long lasting and easier to clean!


4. Putting a bird on it

Bird decor really did take the hipster route. It went from elite to overdone in only seconds after the Portlandia episode.


5. Wallpaper

This one is probably going to ding a lot of people, but the decor reality of 2015 is that printed patterns are best saved for accents like pillows and blankets. Solid wall colors are in these days. Plus, a solid paint is also much easier to update, as well.


6. Fake plants

We’re not saying your friends will 100% for sure judge you for populating your house with plastic imposter plants, but they’ll probably judge you. Go for some real houseplants with real health benefits (if you have trouble keeping living plants alive, check out these tips).


7. A counter that’s covered with photos

The whole “piano top full of Christmas cards and holiday photos” should be seasonal at best. If you want to display some family photos, try a gallery wall of frames with different sized photographs. It’s baroque and hip.


8. Uncomfortable chairs

Those half domes or spin tops made a mini-comeback (their heyday was in the 60s), but they’re no longer necessary for a “cool” basement. We should consider ourselves lucky — those things were the worst to sit in.


9. Throw pillow overload

Everything in moderation, folks. An early 2000s trend that I’m never sure I liked has officially graduated to all the weird aunt’s guest rooms.


10. Fake taxidermy

This trend explosion started on Etsy and then consumed the home decor world (hey, BrightNest wrote about it). From paper, puzzle-like taxidermy to teal painted antlers, everyone wants some Western-inspired mammalian on their walls. Stick to authentic (humanely collected) sculls for longevity.


11. Wall decals

At least this one is a quick fix, right? Remove those suckers and consider a new paint color or trim!


12. Gaudy chandeliers

Chandeliers are rarely the center of attention these days. Occasionally in an open foyer you can get away with it. But in a dining room or living room, keep the focus on a classic table.


13. Furniture sets

Your home is a way to display your style and creativity. Don’t squelch your individual spirit by making every room the spitting image of an IKEA catalog. Even if you want to stay with the same brand, get a little funky and mix up the colors.


14. Pushing all the furniture against the wall

When everything is pushed against the wall, your company is spread out. Try setting up small, intimate sitting spaces and having multiple nooks per room.


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