Don’t panic! What to do if you own a recalled product


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Whenever there’s a new recall of a product — be it food, car or toy — the collective response is often one of panic.


But if you’ve managed to survive the bad spinach — or better yet, haven’t even dug into it — try to keep your composure and follow these simple steps.


Step 1

Again, no panicking. According to FoodSafety.gov, food recalls indicate that the grub could potentially be contaminated. It doesn’t mean there’s been a food illness outbreak.


Step 2

Do not eat/use the recall product. If it’s food, wash your hands with warm, soapy water immediately if you’re opened or if you've handled it.


Step 3

Go online and check the recall notice. This will provide you with instructions on what to do with the product. For example, it might instruct you to return the food where you bought it or tell you how to properly dispose of it.

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