Don't forget the condiments this barbecue season!



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Now that barbecue season is finally here, you're likely to be making a list of delicious food to throw on the grill, not to mention must-have sides. We're here to remind you not to take condiments for granted!

Carnivores who plan on grilling all the steak this summer should check out this roundup on dipping sauces, some of which double as marinades and toppings. Pay special attention to the recipe for chimichurri. You won't be sorry! There are plenty of dipping sauces, marinades and toppings that pair divinely with vegetarian and vegan dishes as well.

And of course, no barbecue is complete without some ketchup. Pinterest is peppered with an assortment of homemade ketchup recipes. Cupcakes and Kale Chips whips up a batch of her own, minus sugar and all those, as she calls them, "funky" ingredients.

Cupcakes and Kale Chip 

Source: Cupcakes and Kale Chips


Here's a Paleo version from The Iron You. It requires a bit more work, because you'll have to chop up some garlic cloves and an onion, but it looks like it's well worth the effort. This ketchup is also sweetened with either honey or maple syrup.

The Iron You 

Source: The Iron You


And of course we had to include this easy-peasy recipe for the Crock-pot Crowd. Shanti Landon, the food blogger behind Life Made Full, says you'll never buy store-bought again.

Life Made Full 

Source: Life Made Full


Of course, if you have no time to make ketchup from scratch, or would prefer to devote your time to the rest of the menu, you can grab the bottle from the fridge and kick it up. Check out these ideas brought to you by One Green Planet.

One Green Planet 

Source: One Green Planet


Fun fact: National Ketchup Day is June 5. Don't worry if you didn't have any that day. You have the whole summer ahead of you.