Don't hide: Sun-protective clothing helps keep you active outdoors


Woman running in the sun

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Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays while you’re engaging in some seriously fun beach activities during the summer is just as important as keeping your body fit. After all, when they say “feel the burn” they’re not talking about your skin.

Even though this is the time when we want to wear as little as possible, an easy way to keep the sun at bay is by wearing the right clothing and accessories. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends wearing sun-protective fabrics that have a minimum UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 30. It considers a UPF rating of 30 to 49 to offer very good protection, and 50+ excellent protection. The best fabrics are tightly woven so denim is great at blocking the sun; cotton is not so great.

Does that mean we have to work out in denim?

Definitely not! UPF-rated garments — especially those created for fitness — use vents to boost air circulation and help you stay cool. Thicker fabrics also help reduce UV transmission.

What to wear

Sun-protective clothing is becoming more and more popular. As the competition grows, so does the need to create more stylish clothing.

Sun-protective clothing brand Coolibar has a nice line of men's and women's fitness apparel, all with a UPF rating of 50+, with 98% UV protection.

Swim tights

We're currently obsessing over these swim tights by Coolibar. They are made with a UPF 50+ swimwear fabric so you can sweat and swim all day without worry. They are quick-drying and are durable against chlorine and salt water.

These Bermuda Shorts and Tropical Weight Jacket by Coolibar are protective, breathable and are said to be super comfy.