Don't let business travel get in the way of your morning run


RunGo app

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Business travel is a reality for everyone from executives who have to attend conferences to salespeople who are constantly on the road. When you consider the time it takes to pack, get to and from airports, check in and out of hotels — not to mention the work itself — it's easy to see how difficult it is for business travelers to make a little time for themselves. And even when they manage to squeeze in a run, it can be tricky to find a good route in unfamiliar territory.

RunGoIf you're tired of having to skip a morning run because you're not sure where the local route is on your latest business trip location, then RunGo is the app you're looking for.

RunGo provides runners with a way to discover routes — wherever they go — along with a voice navigation system that will keep them from getting lost.

"As a business traveler who was always on the road, it was always hard to find great runs while I was traveling," says Craig Slagel, founder of RunGo. "Runners can find local routes, hand-crafted by locals, and follow them with turn-by-turn audio directions; or they may also choose to use RunGo’s route creator tool to draw their own route and receive RunGo’s guided audio along the way."

RunGo was developed in Vancouver and features hundreds of routes in cities across North America, Europe and Australia. More routes are added each day, as RunGo’s ambassador team and global running partners add their favorite routes for others to enjoy.

Available for iPhone and Android mobile devices, RunGo also provides all the usual runner statistics such as distance, pace, and calories burned, as well as a logbook for users to store their results. The app navigates you offline, and only requires data or WiFi when you add runs to your library. After that, you can use RunGo to guide you, without any data or WiFi when you travel.