Don't miss a second of television while doing these 6 lazy-day workouts


stay on the couch and work!

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Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors…until the temperatures reach triple digits or the humidity is thick enough to practically cling to your skin. Plus, sometimes it’s just really nice to hole up in your house and catch up on some choice summer television programming.

Guess what? You can still work out while watching all the television shows and movies you desire. We’re talking about exercise routines you can do by using a chair or your couch. These lazy day workouts are perfect for when a full sweat session is just not going to happen.

Are you ready to gain strength and give tension the brush off with these routines?


TV Workout


Via Darebee

This short workout, consisting of four simple strength training moves, is meant to be done during commercial breaks or every 20 minutes, so no slacking off during those Netflix binges. In fact, if you’re catching up on a shorter show like "BoJack Horseman," you can do this routine in between episodes! Beginners with a basic knowledge of proper form will be able to get in on these classic workout moves like Leg Lifts and Triceps Dips. Since this is an illustrated printable, having an understanding of the exercises involved will make it a lot easier for you to get your form right, preventing injury and getting the maximum burn from each move. While Darebee instructs 10 reps of each exercise during commercial breaks, it doesn’t have a specific amount of rounds you should be performing in total, so it’s important that you check in with yourself and determine what works for you. If you like this workout, check out…


Sofa Abs


Via Darebee

Think you can’t strengthen your core while catching up on "Peaky Blinders?" Well, you haven’t tried Darebee’s ab-sculpting workout designed to be done without ever leaving your couch. These moves are beginner-friendly — as long as you have a basic knowledge of exercises like Oblique Twists and Scissors. Darebee suggests three rounds for beginners, which is plenty. You’ll be shocked by how sore your abs can get from doing some flutter kicks on your couch.


7 Ways to Tone your Entire Body While You Watch TV


Via Cosmopolitan

Trust Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up to turn your television time into the perfect strength training workout. This workout consists of familiar exercises, like Triceps Dip Kicks, as well as more unique exercises like Bottoms Up, a serious booty-tightening move, that will make your muscles quake. Don't worry, you’ll be so wrapped up in the latest episode of "Mr. Robot" that your workout will be over in no time flat! The GIFs demonstrating each move remind you to keep proper form throughout the routine. While it’s adorable that Karena is pictured eating popcorn while doing her Leg Lifts and Knee and Toe Touches, please don’t eat while performing these exercises. You’re looking to get fit, not get a stomachache or choke!


9 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting Down


Via Prevention

Sometimes you want to be able to customize your routine based on your mood, fitness level or area of focus. Prevention allows you to do exactly that with this illustrated GIF feature. Mix and match moves that range from basics, such as Arm Circles, to more advanced moves, such as Chair Slides. You’ll even get a bit of yoga with the Warrior 2 with Chair. If you like that move, try more yoga with…


Couch Potato Yoga

Via Yoga by Adriene

Practicing yoga while watching television may seem strange, but for many people, taking a brain break with a favorite show is their preferred method of unwinding. Why not build on that by adding some stretching into the mix? This short video outlines some easy moves that will help you find your breath and let go of any built-up tension. Yogi Adriene Mishler has created a routine that is perfect for beginners who are hesitant to commit to a full yoga session or want to explore yoga’s benefits in a very low-pressure environment. If you like these moves, consider extending your practice with…


10-Minute Yoga Routine for Stress Relief

The Blissful Mind 

Via The Blissful Mind

Pull up a chair for this stress-busting yoga routine that will also help you with your posture! This routine picks up moves like Cat-Cow and Planks off the floor and makes them more accessible while still being incredibly effective at releasing tension and stretching out tight areas of the body like hips and hamstrings. Truly, this routine is a miracle-worker for budding yogis of various levels of ability. Practice your chair or couch yoga while watching a nature documentary like "Planet Earth." Let the soothing music and stunning visuals put you at ease as you stretch your way to total relaxation.

As always, check with your medical professional before getting started with these or any other workouts so you can determine what is best for your body and level of fitness.