Drop everything and check out these 11 Mexican tortas


Mexican torta by The Simple Veganista

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In Mexico, torta  means sandwich. Tortas can be served hot or cold, and filled with anything from deli ham to breaded chicken cutlet. Here are 11 different tortas for you to try starting this week in honor of Cinco de Mayo. 


1. Torta de Champiñones con Rajas

La Cocina de Leslie 

La Concina de Leslie adapted this recipe for a mushroom and poblano pepper sandwich from Muy Bueno Cookbook. Even omnivores will devour this sandwich without considering for a second that it's vegetarian-friendly. The combination of flavors is enhanced by the Mexican crema and a tiny splash of tequila. This sandwich is so ridiculously tasty, that you may be tempted to scoff the filling straight from the skillet before you get a chance to assemble the sandwiches.


2. Baja Fish Taco Tortas with Smoky Cilantro Slaw

Real Food Real Kitchens 

Real Food Real Kitchens took its cameras to the New York City Wine & Food Festival for a glimpse on how to make these Baja fish taco tortas with smoky cilantro slaw.


3. Chicken Milanesa Torta

Tastes Better from Scratch  

Tastes Better from Scratch made one of the most popular Mexican tortas. Called the Milanesa, this sandwich is made with breaded chicken cutlet — or breaded (thinly sliced) steak or pork. Because you're frying the breaded meat of your choice, it's not the healthiest sandwich, but you really must try it at least once in your life… unless you’re a vegetarian. But don't worry. We got you.


4. Mexican Fried Eggplant Sandwich

Serious Eats 

Serious Eats rocks this vegetarian version of the Milanesa. This hearty vegan sandwich is made with fried eggplant, refried beans, roasted chilies and pickled red onions, served in a toasted roll doused in enchilada sauce. Oh. My. Gawd.


5. Chipotle Shrimp and Cheese Torta

Serious Eats 

While we were drooling over that fried eggplant sandwich, this other torta caught our eye. Shrimp maintain their juicy integrity even under an avalanche of toppings, promises Serious Eats, without the need for batter. Since the shrimp are cooked in a chipotle and tomato mixture, the salsa is built right in.


6. Tuna Tortas with Pico de Gallo

Sunset featured on My Recipes 

My Recipes featured this recipe from Sunset for a tuna sandwich that will change your life. Cilantro and lime brighten canned tuna in this sandwich created by Jennifer Lira.


7. Homemade Chorizo Torta

Eating Well 

Eating Well says you can prepare this chorizo-inspired filling by spicing up ground pork or turkey. Use a Panini-maker if you have one (and skip Step 4) or use its technique for making pressed sandwiches without any special equipment.


8. Avocado and Black Bean Tortas

The Simple Veganista 

If money's tight but you still want to enjoy that picnic then make this sandwich by The Simple Veganista. Quick! Do it before avocado prices skyrocket or run out.


9. Seared Pork Tortas

Photo by John Autry for Cooking Light 

This recipe featured on Cooking Light  is a lightened version of a torta that still packs pork, beans and veggies between fresh baguette slices.


10. Vegan Pibil Torta

Namely Marly 

Namely Marly admits that this vegan version of slow-roasted pork is only relatively healthy — that is, healthier than the original version because it has no fatty meat. But the idea here is to show that vegan can be delicious. So live a little and enjoy!


11. Garlicky Mushroom & Chipotle Refried Bean Tortas

Hello Little Home 

Hello Little Home offers a nice spin on the traditional torta, without foregoing authentic ingredients. We also appreciated the blogger's advice: if chipotle is too spicy for you, skip it, but add the adobo sauce. It will add a great smoky flavor without raising the heat level too much.


A note about the bread

Not everybody lives within a stone's throw of a Mexican bakery, so getting traditional torta rolls might be tricky. You can use anything from ciabatta to a baguette. Whatever you end up using, hollow it out a bit so you can indulge in some extra filling.