Easy, cheap Halloween crafts


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Calling all crafty — and not so crafty — Halloween lovers. Even though you may be too old for trick-or-treating, channel your inner child with some of these simple, inexpensive crafts to get you in the Halloween mood.

Pumpkin carving: No Halloween is complete without carving a pumpkin or two. Be sure you get the technique down and use the right tools — Better Homes and Gardens has everything you need to know.

Decorate a pumpkin: If you've got kiddos around or knife-wielding is just not your thing, try painting a pumpkin or hot-gluing on ribbons, sequins, buttons or other craft supplies you may have lying around. A tip: If booze is involved in your pumpkin-decorating fete, some of these may be a safer (though still messy) alternative to old-school carving.

Dye eggs: Egg-dying isn't just for Easter anymore. Dye hard-boiled eggs orange and black, and decorate with stickers. Draw on the eggs with a white crayon first to leave white designs behind after drying.

Make a wreath: It may not be Christmas yet, but you can still greet visitors with a wreath. Dozens of seasonally appropriate wreaths can be made from craft-store bases, and they don't have to scream (pun intended) Halloween either — just in case you forget to take them down Nov. 1.

Go batty: Bring a branch inside and paint it black or choose a tree outdoors to spruce up with bats. Outside, hang homemade waterproof sock-bats or store-bought rubber bats with fishing line. Indoors, cut paper bats out using a template.

Home-crafted serving ware: Having grown-up friends over to celebrate this spooky season? Skip the store-bought streamers in favor of a homemade pumpkin keg; set out snacks on spiderweb plates and mummify your wine bottles.