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Decorating for the holidays should be fun, joyful and stress-free, but some interior designers say that elaborate holiday decorations can take hours and cost a minimum of $1,500 to pull off.

Keep this holiday season simple with these quick, easy and inexpensive ways to make your home a little more festive.


Throw pillows

Toss a few throw pillows into the mix for an easy way to add a little seasonal splash to your home. Ranging in designs from flowers to snowflakes, Christmas trees to turkeys, throw pillows can work for any season.

"Sometimes, people like to add a decorative pillow, bring out red and green in the house [for Christmas] or add a little bit more gold and come up with the theme for what they’re going to do with the decorating," says Janice McCabe, owner of Janice McCabe Interior Design in Los Gatos, California.

You can find holiday throw pillows for about $15 to $35 at most general merchandise stores that sell home furnishings.



Hang a holiday wreath on your front door to welcome guests to your home. Pick a plain wreath that you can easily add items to, and you can use the same wreath year-round. Try adding flowers in spring, leaves in fall or berries and bows for Christmas.

Wreaths typically come in sizes ranging from 12 to 60 inches. Small, plain wreaths cost as low as about $30, while larger, more elaborately decorated wreaths can cost up to $150.

Karen Linder, owner of Karen Linder Interior Designs in Portland, Oregon, advises clients to make their own. "Grab some things from nature," she says. "Holly. Evergreens. A lot of times that’s a great way to do it."


Hand towels

Add some holiday spirit to your bathrooms by changing out your regular hand towels for towels that fit the season. You can find decorative hand towels at stores selling home furnishings for $5 to $20.


Table decorations

One of the easiest holiday decoration pieces to change is table decor. Dawn D. Totty, owner of Dawn D. Totty Designs in Chattanooga, Tennessee, suggests placing a large bowl in the center of the table.

For winter holidays, you can fill the bowl with colorful ornaments. Throughout the year, you can replace the ornaments with marbles and flowers, fruit or anything else you choose.


Rosemary bush Christmas tree

Don't want the hassle of setting up a Christmas tree? Consider a rosemary bush. Rosemary bushes cost about $20 to $50, though sculpted rosemary bushes can cost up to $250.

"A big, potted rosemary bush decorated as a small tree is a really nice touch," Totty says. "It smells incredible and the whole house will smell like it."


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This article was written by Kaley Belakovich, Angie’s List.

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