Easy ways to stretch & strengthen your hips


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Got tight hip muscles? Chances are you do if you sit at a desk all day. That’s because sitting for a long time causes the muscles to weaken and shorten. It may not feel like a problem to you until you’re in yoga class or find yourself struggling during a deep squat attempt at the gym.

The hips are the largest joint in the body, containing a major muscle group located along the abdomen and upper thigh. They allow us to walk, lift up our knees and bend at the waist.

Weak hip flexors make your pelvis tilt forward, causing all sorts of problems. Tight, weak hips can be the root problem of lower back pain, bad posture, knee pain and muscle imbalance among others. It can also hurt your performance, whether you’re a runner, bodybuilder or yogi.

Don’t worry; there’s hope. A combination of stretching, strengthening and foam rolling the hip flexors will get your body back on track.


Stretch twice a day

Stretching every day will keep your hips limber and prevent injury. Check out these three basic static stretches that will do the trick:


Here are some hip-opening yoga poses for beginners:

How To Yoga for Beginners - Gentle Hip Opener. Easy, Safe for Anyone Hip Stretches. from yogatx on Vimeo.


Build strong hips

The stronger your hip flexors are, the less likely you are to suffer from a number of ailments, including lower back pain and knee pain. These super easy hip and glute strengthening exercises are excellent for building strong hip flexors:


Looking for something a little different? Try the following exercises using a loop band by USA Gymnastics: