Easy ways to go green in 2013


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You want to be greener, but you just can’t afford that hybrid car right now, and setting up a compost heap in your studio apartment just isn’t an option. Don’t worry; we get it. Going green in 2013 can be as easy as making small lifestyle changes that will add up to a big difference for our planet.

Buy less, recycle more

If one of your resolutions is to buy less stuff, then you already are on your way to a greener New Year. When you buy something new, you are contributing to the environmental impact of the product from sourcing of materials to shipping. So, simply buying less can do a lot for the planet, not to mention your wallet. When you must buy new, keep your carbon footprint in check by donating what you can to an organization like Goodwill and remembering to recycle those electronics.


Cut back on catalogs

This is one we can all get behind, because really, who likes junk mail? Turns out, thanks to an organization called Catalog Choice, you can put an end to that unwanted mail once and for all. Visit Catalogchoice.org to learn how to remove your name from company mailing lists, and learn which ones are doing more to go paperless.


Get a programmable thermostat

Remember that infomercial with the catchphrase “set it and forget it?” Well, a programmable thermostat does just that. The thermostat comes with four pre-programmed settings — which can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle — that regulate your home’s temperature in the summer and winter and adjust for when you are at home, asleep or away.


Buy local, buy in season

When you shop your local farmers market for what’s in season, you save money and can be sure you are getting the freshest and tastiest produce. Don’t live near a farmers market? Don’t worry. Many supermarkets and groceries are doing more to highlight seasonal produce. Click here to learn what’s in season in your area.

Got some more easy tips for going green? Share them with us below.