Eat these foods to boost your sex life (and your health)


breakfast in bed

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Entering a sexual rut often induces people to make a beeline for the store selling fuzzy handcuffs and costumes galore. But not so fast. Instead, head to the grocery store and stock up on these healthful foods — they’ve been shown to improve everything from libido to stamina to sexual performance.



Research has linked an array of berries to a better sex life. Black raspberries improve both libido and endurance in the bedroom; blueberries enhance circulation, which aids in arousal; and the omega-3 fatty acids found in strawberries improve cardiovascular health and consequently, sexual arousal. 




The kale benefits just keep on coming. Vitamin A, found in this leafy green, serves to balance your hormones, and a mineral called iodine balances your mood. But that’s not all. Kale has been linked with reducing inflammation, which can improve flexibility and stamina — men, take note. 



Next time you’re headed for the bedroom, sneak a slab of this summertime favorite, which has been shown to induce Viagra-like effects during sexual activity. Watermelon, which is 92% water, contains a nutrient called citrulline that relaxes blood vessels, improving blood flow and orgasms. 



One of our favorite veggies, broccoli is positively loaded with vitamin C, which improves blood circulation in the human body, resulting in better orgasms. Not to mention, this nutrient superstar contains a host of other vitamins and minerals, including dietary fiber, potassium and calcium.


Exotic spices

You may want to reach for the spice cabinet next time you need a sexual boost. Cloves have traditionally been used in India to treat erectile dysfunction; saffron has been shown to enhance performance; and ginger boosts libido, in addition to helping prevent sickness during pesky cold and flu season.