Eat your way to strong bones in 2014 with these foods


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Here’s a New Year’s resolution you rarely hear anyone say: I want stronger, healthier bones.

That’s unfortunate, because what good is eating healthy and regularly exercising if your frame is brittle? I know, I know. Bone health is something that post-menopausal women should worry about. Wrong. 

Yes, genetics and gender are factors in determining the strength of our bones. But we can store up calcium in a “bone bank” now to make sure that years from now, we’re still in good shape.

Healthy bones start with foods rich in calcium. Adults should consume 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day from rich products — such as milk, cheese or yogurt — and foods rich in vitamin D, such as sardines, eggs, salmon, tuna, whole-grain cereals and orange juice.

Dairy products aren’t the only way to build healthy bones. The Vegan Society recommends eating lots of those leafy green vegetables that are high in calcium, reducing your sodium intake, limiting your caffeine and get plenty of exercise.

Remember, too, to stay away from foods and drinks that will work against building strong bones. Foods high in sodium, sodas, alcohol and hydrogenated oils work should be avoided.

Potassium is somewhat of a secret weapon when it comes to bone health. Potassium helps protect bones against acids that eat away at our framework. Meals rich in fruits vegetables, seeds and spices will help to provide that potassium.