banana slicer
Some kitchen gadgets just make good sense. Other gadgets, however, are pretty freaking ridonkulous. Remember the banana slicer? Well, it's got nine...
mango sorbet
Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with pints and pints of ice cream? Check out this lighter alternative that's just as delicious instead: 11 sorbet...
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breakfast in bed
Are you in a sexual rut? These healthful foods have been shown to improve everything from libido to stamina to sexual performance.
crab cakes
We've rounded up our favorite foods that are delicious in patty form and promise to add some diversity to your usual traditional burger menu.
Asparagus & spring onion tart [Recipe]
This savory, light tart is the perfect celebration of spring, using the first ripe harvests of asparagus and (aptly named) spring onions.
coffee cups on wooden table
Skip the lines this weekend and transform your home into a cozy café without fancy equipment or pricey gadgets.
"Noodle Kugel" by Off-shell - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Noodle_Kugel.jpg#/media/File:Noodle_Kugel.jpg
Kugel is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish side dish that is often served on the Sabbath or during Jewish holidays — including Passover. Here are eight...
Citrus marmalade [Recipe]
How about some spring in a jar? This delicious marmalade recipe is enhanced with grapefruit and lemons. Don't Worry Eat Happy!
teapot and accouterments
Any decent fan of Star Trek: TNG knows that there's only one way to have a cup of earl grey. Hot. But begging the good captain's pardon, however, we...