Eggless mayo offers a healthier condiment alternative


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Never before has the world seen the sheer amount of condiments available today. Items like ketchup and mustard come in an astounding array of flavors, encouraging consumers to buy jar after jar so the pantry is stocked for every occasion imaginable. 

Even mayonnaise refuses to be left out of the condiment craze. Debate continues as to whether this thick, creamy spread — traditionally made with eggs — hails from France or Spain. Whatever its origins, mayonnaise was eventually popularized by the French and used extensively in American cooking during the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

Today it reigns as the country’s favorite condiment, with Americans consuming $2 billion worth of mayo every year. However, as concerns about nutrition and processed foods have increased, so has mayo’s reputation as one of the more unhealthy condiments available. High in both fat and calories, mayo also contains sugar and cholesterol — hardly a recipe for healthy eating. 

Lucky for health-conscious eaters who want another option, eggless mayonnaise is becoming more and more popular. Going eggless cuts cholesterol out altogether, and the eggless mayo product from Trader Joe’s is also lower in calories, fat, sugar and carbohydrates.


But is it any good?

Actually, yes. Despite being unsweetened, this mayonnaise actually smelled and tasted sweeter than regular store-bought mayo. Made primarily with water, canola oil and several types of vinegar, it was not as thick as some other types of mayo, perhaps due to the lack of eggs. 

The slightly sweet taste makes this mayo good for mixing with savory elements, such as horseradish or roasted garlic, for a delicious aioli. It also lends a nice flavor to chicken salads — try mixing it with chutney for an Indian-inspired dish.