Electric Run mixes the club and 5k for one awesomely wild night of running


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If you’re ready to tackle your first 5k, trying to convert your buddy into a runner, or just want to experience one of the hottest running events of the year, sign up for the Electric Run — a 3.1 mile nighttime race with a track that’s lit up with neon lights and thumpy music to keep you amped.

We haven’t figured out if it’s like a rave for runners or a run for ravers yet. Nevertheless, the Electric Run doesn’t make you wait to celebrate at the finish line — the music is pumping as you run (no need for headphones!) — so you could party along the way. You are encouraged to stay after the race and dance as DJs mix the latest tunes from the main stage. With fun, trippy features throughout the track — like glowing neon trees changing colors to match the music; lakes and rivers glowing in pretty hues; tunnels of light created by a rainbow of lasers; and colored fountains dancing to the beat — it truly is a race like no other. Their giant light installation art comes from some of the most talented artists at DreamWorks, Disney, Coachella and Vegas. What a production!

“I think people really love these mass participation events and with running events people are expecting more than just a run,” said Electric Run founder Dan Hill. “They want to be entertained while they run. I thought if we put on a 5k at night and put lights and music along the course we could create something really fun, beautiful and memorable for people.”

So far, the Electric Run has attracted crowds of more than 10,000 and is taking place across more than 30 cities this year.

“My hope is that every person has at least one moment during the run when they think to themselves ‘where am I? This is unreal! I've never seen anything like this!’” Hill said.

If you’re interested in registering, visit Electricrun.com for an event near you. Participants receive an awesome shirt, LED bracelet, glow necklace and glow sunglasses, fun! Be sure to deck yourself out in the most outrageous neon outfit and accessorize with LED sticks and all the glowy toys you may have stashed away from previous nights out.

First-timers will love the atmosphere and the many distractions to keep them on track to cross the finish line.

“The 5k is a great distance that's approachable for a wide audience,” Hill said. “But it's still long enough that we're offering people a meaningful experience.”

Check out this trailer video to see what all the hype is about: