‘Entourage’ star joins list of green celebs


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Need more proof that all the cool kids are going green in 2012? Check out SHFT.com, a new site co-founded by Adrian Grenier (yup, Vincent Chase from “Entourage”) and independent film producer Peter Glatzer.

According to the site’s “About Us” page, SHFT’s mission is “to convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through video, design, art and culture.” And indeed, the site meets that mission by tackling such topics as architecture, fashion and food through compelling news pieces, photography and video.  SHFT.com is also a one-stop shop for unique, sustainable products.

Learn more about SHFT from its founders in this video from the folks at Inhabitat.com.

Of course, celebs going green is nothing new. Actress Alicia Silverstone of “Clueless” fame has been a long-time advocate for eco living and offers advice on being “kind” to the environment on her website, TheKindLife.com. And actor Leonardo DiCaprio, star of such films as Inception and Titanic, uses his Twitter handle @LeoDiCaprio to advocate for such environmental causes as protecting endangered tigers.

Tell us: Are there any celebrities you admire for going green?