Essential summer workout clothes & gear all guys must own


Time to update your summer workout wardrobe

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Sun’s out, guns out fellas! Whether you’re looking to catch the eyes of girls at the gym or optimize your lifts, the coming of summer means making some adjustments to your workout attire.

All showboating jargon aside, it’s important to wear the right clothes to keep cool during workouts under the hot summer sun or in a crowded gym. So hang up your leg-day hoodies and sweatpants and get yourself in this season’s top gear.

C9 Champion Tanks and T-Shirts

Let’s start with the basics. Before you start digging up some of your old, ratty shirts to tackle your workouts in, consider buying some t-shirts and tank tops from C9 by Champion.

Not only are they stylish and affordable, they’re designed to allow for optimal airflow to keep you cool and minimize any skin irritation during exercises. You’ll be 10-times more comfortable running in C9’s Run Tee or lifting in C9’s Advanced Duo Dry Muscle Tank than you will be in your old high school varsity t-shirt.


Under Armour Compression Shorts

Yes, they look tight, but don’t let that dissuade you. In fact, many of those who bought them and swore by them in their reviews purchased larges and XLs.

During squats and deadlifts, the support and range of motion offered by Under Armour’s compression shorts are fantastic. Also perfect for running, the shorts are made of an Iso-Chill fabric, which disperses body heat for runners.

Cell Phone Armband

Music and exercising truly go hand in hand, but when you’re exercising it can be really cumbersome to have a phone or iPod in your pocket — not to mention the risk of your device falling and breaking.

Fortunately, the cell phone armband allows you to jam out while keeping your person device free. There are dozens of cheap options on sites like Amazon, most hovering around three- to six-bucks.

Asics Running Shoes

Runners swear by Asics running shoes, and while they’re a bit pricey — the cheapest entry-level pair on its site is $60 — you can be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

These shoes come with a GEL cushioning system, as well as other features depending on the pair you buy, to minimize the shock impact on the bottom of your foot with every step. Running is taxing enough as it is and doing so in a pair of shoes that aren’t meant for such activity could pose serious health risks.

Adidas Powerlift 2.0 Shoes

Sadly, your Asics are not a suitable double for power lifts. That’s where Adidas’ Powerlift 2.0 shoes come in.

Unlike most running shoes, the Adidas Powerlifts have heels low to the ground and contain a weight-distribution plate for a grounded sense of balance during heavy lifts. The shoes also contain a rubber outsole and traction pattern for optimal grip.

Yes, these shoes are expensive but they are optimal. A slightly less effective, yet cheaper alternative are shoes like Converse and others that have a flat sole and a heel low to the ground.