Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cherimoya



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It looks like someone crossed a pineapple with a pear. We’re talking about the cherimoya, a tropical fruit whose white flesh is like the banana. Cherimoya is native to Peru and Ecuador, although it is now grown elsewhere in South America, as well as in Central America, parts of the United States, Spain, Israel, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Despite being tropical, this tough fruit is in season nearly all year-round, including in winter. Good news for you, since it’s rich in vitamin C and calcium, high in fiber and absolutely delicious. Slice it in half, scoop out the flesh, get rid of the seeds and get ready to make one or all of the following recipes.


1. Cherimoya Brûlée

Source: Taste with the Eyes 

The cherimoya’s creamy texture makes it ideal for desserts such as this crème brûlée from Taste with the Eyes.


2. Suspiro Limeño

Source: Que Rica Vida 

Suspiro Limeño means “sigh from Lima,” and if sweet desserts are your jam, you are certain to swoon after a single bite of this Peruvian dessert featured on Que Rica Vida.


3. Avocado and Cherimoya Mousse

Source: Weelicious 

It’s not all about dessert, though. Weelicious combines cherimoya with creamy avocado in this delightful mousse. Yeah, it’s pretty nutritious baby food, but if you take a bite or 12, we won’t tell.


4. Grilled Cherimoya Salad with Prawns

Source: California Bountiful

Chef Chad Minton explores a more savory application of cherimoya by grilling it and adding it to this prawn salad. Our favorite part is that he serves it in a hollowed out cherimoya, putting that tough peel to good use. Yum!


5. Cherimoya Smoothie

Source: Home Skillet 

Not surprisingly, cherimoya makes for some top-shelf smoothies. We like this recipe from Home Skillet because it combines the tropical fruit with strawberries, kiwi and Greek yogurt. If you’re looking to save some calories, leave out the vanilla and sugar and use coconut water instead of coconut milk.