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Storing baked food is a little tricky. There’s no one-size-fits-all correct method. Keep your food fresh and prevent your bread from drying out by storing items at the right temperature, in the right spot and for the correct amount of time.

Here’s the 411 on come common goodies:


Bakery-style breads and baguettes

Where? Store breads, bagels and pita bread in the pantry or on the countertop at room temperature.

How? If possible, bakery-style breads should be kept in their original packaging. You want there to be a little air, because an airtight bag will make the crust soggy.

How long? At most, hold onto bread for four days. If possible, enjoy your bread, bagels and pita within two days of buying it from the store.

Can I freeze bread? Yes! Bread can be stored in the freezer for up to three months in its original bag. Do we recommend this? Not really. The bread isn’t going to taste very fresh or be very moist when it’s de-thawed.

What about tortillas? There is an exception to every rule! Tortillas are best stored in the refrigerator in their original packing and can last up to one week. They also taste pretty great after three months in the freezer — just make sure the bag is secured tightly so they don’t get freezer burn!


Crackers and chips

Where? A pantry at room temperature is the best spot to store crackers, chips and pita chips (opened or unopened).

How long? If the bag is unopened, pay attention to the “best by” date, or about three months after you buy the crackers or chips. If you’ve already opened the snack, you can hang onto the box or bag for about two weeks before your snack will go stale.

How? You want as little air to invade the container as possible, so use chip clips or rubber bands to secure the opening. We also recommend using airtight containers to store snacks.


Baked sweets

Where? Baked treats like brownies, cookies, pound cake, unfrosted cake and muffins should be covered and stored on your countertop.

What about frosted cake? If a cake already has frosting, it should be covered and stored in your refrigerator. Check out the “dairy-based cakes and pies” section for more storage details.

How long? After two days, your homemade treats will begin to taste stale. Store-bought brownies or cookies? Those can hang out for up to a week.

How? Cover your baked goods with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and set them aside.

Can I freeze baked goods? Yes! You can freeze baked goods for up to three months, but do so prior to frosting them. The frosting will make the cake mushy and alter its flavor.


Dairy-based cakes and pies

Where? Anything dairy-based, like cheesecake, coconut cream pie or icebox pie, should be covered with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator.

How long? They can be kept for up to a week.

Can I freeze a pie? Yes! If you’d like a taste of summer in the middle of winter, a frozen berry pie will do the trick. Pies can be frozen and stored for up to three months — just make sure they’re completely covered with aluminum foil and de-thawed before heating or serving.


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