Fall fashion: Form and function meet with a layered look


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It can be quite a challenge to find flattering, functional options for the fitness fashionista, especially in cold weather, but with the fall season comes a slew of style-friendly pieces that keep you warm without making you feel like you’ve been trapped in an oven. It has never been easier to layer key pieces and build an ensemble that will keep you moving straight through winter.

[caption id="attachment_12727" align="alignleft" width="186" caption="Under Armour’s UA Seamless Shorty "][/caption]

A strong foundation
Choosing the right garments for a base layer helps to avoid that awkward moment when your underwear decides to roll down mid-run and you’re trying to nonchalantly hike it back up where it belongs without breaking your stride, or, you know, having a major wardrobe malfunction in public. Also, panty lines? Never in style. Ever. Try a seamless boy short with moisture-wicking technology like Under Armour’s UA Seamless Shorty. Then there’s the boob factor. Keeping the girls warm and in place while moving about is no small feat. Lululemon’s Engage Bra offers proper support, mesh vents to prevent that convection oven effect that can happen when layering and a secret pocket to stash the house key that’s always getting lost in your pockets. Hidden treasure ta-tas are awesome.

[caption id="attachment_12729" align="alignright" width="158" caption="Phat Buddha’s Reade Glitter Legging"][/caption]

Bottoms up!
Leggings are a miracle in fitness and in fashion. You can use them alone or layer them under those cute running shorts you’ve been rocking all summer. Phat Buddha’s Reade Glitter Legging keeps the stink at bay, looks great with a myriad of colors and adds a little fun to your cold weather run (even if that run is just a dash from the subway to the gym!) or bike ride. For those days when the forecast tempts you to bury yourself under the covers, compression leggings are like a hug for your limbs, promoting circulation to keep you toasty even in the brusquest weather. C9 by Champion’s version is super affordable and has that early ‘90s feel beloved by nostalgic hipsters the world over.

Don’t count out the classics. Lululemon’s Astro*Denim Pant gives off a jeggings vibe with neon details perfect for combating the fall breeze on your stroll to yoga class. Even fleece has gone high tech! Under Armour’s Charged Cotton Storm Fleece pants offer four way stretch and a slimmer cut. The best part? They are water-resistant and breathable, giving you the comfort and warmth of fleece without you becoming a drowned rat in the rain.

[caption id="attachment_12724" align="alignleft" width="164" caption="LL Bean Brooks Essential Run Vest II "][/caption]

Top it off
Garments with mesh inserts, fitted layers and breathable fabrics are essential to any cool weather exercise. Lululemon’s slim-fit Run: Swiftly Tech long-sleeved top is made with Silverescent, an antibacterial fabric that keeps skin healthy and prevents the stink monster from attacking everyone in a two-block radius. Seamless core construction prevents chafing, particularly important when the cooler air zaps the moisture from our skin. Longer arms and thumbholes at the cuffs, adorably named cuffins, show your hands and wrists a little love. When temperatures take a dip in October, these tops work well under a vest. Try the LL Bean Brooks Essential Run Vest II; It helps keep you warm and dry, while its neon hue also ensures you’ll be seen by motorists on even the foggiest day or evening run. Another option is a slim running jacket, such as the Lululemon Gust Buster Jacket, which has cuffins and a gorgeous funnel neck.

[caption id="attachment_12731" align="alignright" width="212" caption="Lululemon Brisk Run Toque"][/caption]

One for the head
Tired of wearing a baseball cap or having that silly ponytail lump in the back of your beanie? Sick of your hat sliding around while you pound the pavement? Get excited. The Lululemon Brisk Run Toque keeps your head and ears warm and has a little window in the back to thread your ponytail through! Genius! It’s also reversible, so you can go solid or amp up the trend factor with stripes.

Layer up! Working out has never looked so good.