Fat bombs: The “it” snack for low-carb dieters


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You can hardly scroll through social media these days without seeing a reference to fat bombs — an odd-sounding, head-scratching food that’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Read on to learn more about what fat bombs are and how to use them.


What are fat bombs?

Fat bombs function as a snack or dessert for people who are on high-fat, high-protein diets such as Atkins. Aptly named, these foods contain 85% fat — much of it healthy — and very few carbohydrates. Fat bombs are completely customizable but require a few specific types of ingredients in order to serve as a healthy snack and not just junk food.

To make fat bombs, you need a base that will hold your concoction together — coconut oil and cream cheese are popular starters. Then add the low-carb flavorings and mix-ins of your choice, such as almonds, coconut, dried berries or other low-carb fruits. After mixing your ingredients thoroughly, pour the blend into a pan or mold and freeze for several hours before eating. Be sure to keep your fat bombs refrigerated or frozen — otherwise they will melt.


How do fat bombs work?

Fat bombs have gained popularity among those on low-carb diets that call for consuming lots of protein and fat. That includes the notorious Atkins Diet, created in the 1970s, and the Keto diet, both of which limit carb intake to force the body into ketosis. In ketosis, the body burns stored fat for energy, resulting in weight loss. Fat bombs provide a quick snack that enable people to keep up their energy 


Are fat bombs healthy?

Sort of. When made correctly, fat bombs contain lots of healthy fats that can help improve cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Of course they should be eaten in moderation, whether they’re part of a low-carb diet plan or not. But health experts and nutritionists have differing opinions on low-carb diets. Many caution against these diets that can cause rapid, significant weight loss, and it’s worth noting that these diets call for lower carb intakes than U.S. regulators recommend. Unfortunately for many low-carb dieters, oftentimes people who lose weight on these programs have difficulty keeping it off in the long term.


What else should I know?

If sweet fat bombs aren’t your thing, make them savory. Cream cheese makes an excellent base for savory fat bombs with things like bacon, smoked salmon, chives and more.