Feel good inside and out wearing socially conscious BANGS shoes (and get 20% off!)


Woman wearing BANGS shoes

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Why would you name your shoe company BANGS?

That was our first reaction when stumbling upon this ultra-cool brand of shoes. But as you might suspect, there is a fascinating story behind the name. And this story begins in China, where canvas work shoes are as common as Nike sneakers are here. Everyone wears them. Why? Because they are simple, affordable and practical.

It’s not surprising, then that founder and president Hannah Davis became fascinated by this footwear while teaching English in China several years ago. As she looked around, Hannah liked what she saw. The entrepreneur in her realized there could be an opportunity to bring the distinctive functional look back home to America. She pulled a terrific team together that settled on an upgraded design that’s more comfortable, yet preserves the classic vibe of the shoe.

What’s more amazing is that BANGS Inc. is actually a social enterprise. BANGS has partnered with Kiva, a non-profit that facilitates financing for small businesses, to award 20% of the net profits from sales of BANGS shoes to entrepreneurs around the world to jump-start their businesses.

For example, here in the U.S., BANGS recently took a portion of its net profits to invest in The Town Kitchen, a community-driven food company that addresses a real need in northern California for locally sourced lunches, while providing fair-wage jobs and job training programs for local youth. Very cool indeed. Click here for more information.

So funds from BANGS go toward helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Isn’t that alone worth the price of a pair of shoes?

But the best thing about these comfortable, classically hip shoes is the price. They are incredibly affordable. Trust us when we say you’ll be tempted to buy a second pair. But, hey, it’s for a good cause, right?

You can preview the options here. Don’t forget to use the special code below for HellaWella readers only. You’ll get 20% off your purchase!

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Oh, and to answer the original question as to why the name BANGS, it’s pretty simple. BANGS actually means “help” in Mandarin.