Fight world hunger by sharing food photos on Instagram


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Eats_FoodShareFilterAppSmartphones have become the bane of restaurant chefs everywhere, with some restaurants even offering diners a 5% discount if they leave their phones with the hostess. But what if that annoying flash photography was raising money and awareness to fight world hunger?

A new Instagram-supportive app does just that. The cost of the FoodShareFilter app ($1.29 in the iTunes App Store and $1.16 in Google Play) goes to an agricultural program in El Salvador run by Manos Unidas, an organization that fights hunger and promotes development and education in third-world countries.

Here’s how it works: Open the app, and take a photo of your beautifully plated meal. Frame it in the circular frame provided by the app that also adds the message “This photo helps million of people not to suffer from hunger. If you are going to share your food, share it for real.” The app then allows you to open the photo in Instagram, where you can apply your filter and upload the image.

Now you can tell the annoyed restaurant manager that you’re fighting world hunger.