Filmmaker captures death-defying rooftop, subway skateboarding


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When you live in the urban jungle, you need to be creative with your pasttime. It's all about adapting to the environment around us and making it bend to our will. That's how vertical racing was born. Parkour, BMX biking and BASE jumping — even extreme quad and aggressive inline skating — are more "interesting" in the urban terrain. The same goes for skateboarding.

Filmmaker and skater Colin Read's (Mandible Claw) independent video "TENGU: God of Mischief," documents the daring skateboarding below, above and among us in the nitty gritty city.

Shot in New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo and Bordeaux, France, Read captures fellow skaters and friends as they do illegal and dangerous skateboarding tricks (don't even think of trying it) on rooftops, on and across subway platforms, inside subway cars and throughout the city streets.

Even the making of the film was dangerous. Read described the filming process in the subway sequence in an interview with Live Skateboard Media: "Timing was everything. Around 2 to 5 in the morning, on weekdays usually. Some spots were in and out, because of police; we would time tricks so we could jump into a train and dip after they try it. For skating the trains, we'd switch trains often, to make ourselves harder to catch. But we paid the price. Some of us got thrown in cuffs. I still have a warrant out for my arrest for subway skating."

See the trailor for the film here:


As you can see, skateboarding on rooftops is extremely dangerous. Stick to buying "TENGU: God of Mischief," for $15 and watching it in the comforts of you home.

Hard up on cash? Try this free online videogame instead.