Finding the perfect running shoe: Which type is right for you?


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Selecting the best running shoes for your feet and lifestyle can be a challenge, but if the choice is made correctly, it can make all the difference.

The style of shoe you select can determine whether running is comfortable or painful, a positive or negative experience, and can affect your chances of sustaining an injury. Read on to determine which type of shoe is right for you.


Cushioned shoes

When to select this shoe: Most runners typically need more cushioned support, but if you run lengthy distances, or get a lot of mileage on concrete, you may want to consider extra midsole cushioning. Cushioning helps to relieve leg fatigue whether you’re training for a 5K or going on a long walk. If you tend to underpronate or have a neutral gait, a cushioned shoe is also an excellent choice.

When to avoid this shoe: Cushioned shoes can exacerbate the problem if you’re prone to overpronating. If you find yourself rolling your foot inward while you run and are seeking a comfortable shoe, look for a flexible (not cushioned) fit.

What to look for: Look for shoes that are flexible, lightweight and offer plenty of cushion. The top picks for cushioned shoes are Nike Zoom Pegasus+29, Brooks Ghost 5, Saucony Kinvara 3, New Balance 890v2 and Adidas Adizero F50 v2.


Motion-controlled shoes

When to select this shoe: These shoes are ideal if you tend to overpronate (roll too far inward), have flat feet or are overweight. Motion-controlled shoes are built to have a heavy and firm support that relieves pressure and corrects overpronation. Motion-support technology can take a pounding, so these durable shoes also work best for long-distance runners and heavy walkers.

When to avoid this shoe: Avoid this shoe if you underpronate (roll too far outward) or have feet with high arches. These shoes are also not necessary if you walk short distances.

What to look for: The best motion-controlled sneakers are those that have more support on the arch side of the foot. This will help runners with low arches and overpronation. Fitness Magazine named the Mizuno Wave Renegade 4, the Asics Gel-Foundation 8, Brooks Addiction 8 and Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7 some of the best motion- controlled shoes around.


Stability running shoes

When to select this shoe: This shoe is a smart choice for those seeking a blend of comfort, support and sturdiness over time. They typically have a semi-curved shape that allows for flexibility while you run. They are also for runners with a normal arch and gait, as it does not help in correcting over or underpronation.

When to avoid this shoe: Do not purchase this shoe if you overpronate or are prone to supination. If you have a problem with high arches, flat feet, a leaning gait or are overweight, seek out a shoe that will help correct or comfort the foot as you run.

What to look for: Seek out shoes that offer some cushion and durability. Asics Gel Kayano, Adidas Supernova, Brooks Adrenaline GTS and Mizuno Wave Elixir are all excellent choices.