Fitness guide gets you ripped like an action hero (crime-fighting skills not typical)


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Sweat_ActionHeroWorkouts2If you want to learn how to fight crime like Batman, this is not the book for you. However, if you’re wondering how Christian Bale went from a scrawny 120 pounds from his role in “The Machinist” to a beefy 230 pounds for “The Dark Knight” and how you can do the same, keep reading.

“Action Movie Hero Workouts” by Dave Randolph is all about getting you ripped like Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine”; building a huge chest like Daniel Craig in the recent James Bond movies; or developing a strong, defined body like Jessica Biel’s as Abigail Whistler in “Blade 3: Trinity.” Focus on these workouts, and you can be the 2013 summer blockbuster!

While it won’t give you the ability to fly, this new fitness guide can help you train the way the actors and actresses did for your favorite action movies like “Superman,” “Captain America” and “Thor.” While it’s an easy-to-understand read, don’t expect the weekly workout plans to be a piece of cake.

Each chapter is based on a different actor’s fitness regimen while preparing for a specific movie role. Don’t worry if you can’t nail the advanced moves yet; you can alter exercises to match your skill level. With more than 200 step-by-step photos to guide you through the exercises, these programs will help you build super villain-crushing muscles coupled with power speed and strength. You’ll need some equipment, depending on the action hero program you choose. Some require a barbell and dumbbells, a resistance band and a stability ball. Hey, no one said fighting villains was easy.

There is also a chapter dedicated to nutrition, which explains proper eating while chiseling your body like an action hero. The trick to successful training is to stick with the programs exactly how they are written and eat healthy.

Wondering why there is only one female action hero featured in this book? Randolph explains that female action stars “often share the same physique and likely do similar if not identical workouts.” I think we can agree that everyone would be happy with Biel’s lean, firm muscles and defined shoulders arms, butt and back!

“Action Movie Hero Workouts” is available at Amazon.com.

Up, up and away!